NYPD Wants More Security Cameras After Car Bomb

Logitech Alert Security SystemCities installing security cameras is always a topic up for debate. Some feel that cameras are an invasion of privacy, while many others believe cameras are just what they for protection. But anytime a city is faced with an act of terror, many more people become pro-camera than not, and that is exactly what is happening in New York City right now.

Over the weekend, a car bomb that never went off, was found in Times Square in New York City. The incident captured the nation and the media’s attention for days and a suspect with terrorist ties has since been arrested and allegedly admitted to setting up the car bomb. Police were tipped off to the car bomb by a street vendor, but security cameras are helping police with their investigation and case against the suspect, and many are asking if more cameras could have played an even bigger role.

Senator Charles Schumer of New York has already requested at least $30 million in federal aid for more New York City Security Cameras. That in addition to the $20 million in federal funding the city will receive this year.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg would also like to see more cameras and technology in the city. Earlier in the week he said in an interview, “You can always make things more safe. Do we think we have it right? We can always do better and we are working on that.” Bloomberg also said that thermal imaging devices were used to detect the bomb and that he’d like to get cameras that are capable of reading car license plates.

Security Cameras are common in New York City and it’s no surprise. The city is the largest in the United States with over 9,000,000 residents, and the metropolitan area has over 5.5 million. The city is often called “The Gateway of the Americas,” due to the fact that it is basically the cultural and business center of our country. It’s home to the largest ports in the United States, houses the United Nations, is a center for international commerce. With all this in mind, it’s no wonder there is a bigger need for security cameras in New York.

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