Would Security Cameras Prevent Park Vandalism?

Legion Pool, located on Chatfield Street in Seymour, Connecticut, has been described as a “tranquil” place, where citizens can go to feed the fish. Unfortunately, that all changed on Monday.

On April 12, vandals struck the park, destroying the fish food vending machine, stealing money, destroying benches, throwing debris in the water, breaking steps, and bending park signs. According to Alex Danka, the Seymour Land Trust Vice President, some of the benches that were destroyed contained memorial plaques people had purchased to remember their late loved ones.

The vandals caused about $1,500 in damages.

“Enough is enough. Over the past few years, we have spent so much time fixing up the park for people, and these vandals find it funny to destroy it. Last year, we caught a few of the individuals and had them do community service. But this time, I will not be so lenient. The police have a standing order to arrest anyone caught vandalizing the park. These individuals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and they will face a judge for their reckless actions,” Danka told the New Haven Register.

Danka also said he feels the time has come to purchase a security camera with Land Trust money, due to the fact that the area can’t be monitored 24/7 with human eyes, “I will have no choice but to spend Land Trust money to buy a security camera for the park, with the online ability to watch from home with motion sensors.” He also added that the police can’t be at the park all the time.

He’s right. Having constant police or human monitors at the park is time-consuming, expensive, and ultimately unrealistic. But a quality security camera could be the answer. If would-be vandals know they are being filmed, they are less likely to commit a crime. The mere presence of a camera could be just the deterrent the park needs. And in case the crime is committed, the camera will not only allow Danka and other officials to monitor it from any computer, but police will have video of the criminals, which they can use to release to the media in an effort to identify any suspects.

Despite his frustration, Danka said the park will continue to thrive and refuses to let a few criminals spoil the area for everyone. He’s also asking for volunteers to help monitor the park until they can get a camera in place. If you have any information that may lead authorities to the suspects or would like to donate to help purchase a camera for the park, call 203-881-3400 or 203-464-4345. If you’d like to get a quote on a quality security camera, call 877-422-1907 or visit www.camerasecuritynow.com.

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