Top 10 States for Crime

Men Caught on Security Camera They Tried to StealCQ Press has release the findings of its annual State Crime Rankings and well, you better lock your doors, or perhaps get a security camera for your home or business. Especially if you live in some states. Let’s just say the numbers aren’t encouraging for some residents and business owners.

CQ Press has been producing the list for nearly twenty years. It shows how each of the fifty states stacks up against each other and the national average for murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. Each of the six crimes is compared to the national reported crimes rate and indexed to create a summary score, according to CQ. Also, the most reported crime in the country (it accounts for 59% of reported crimes), larceny-theft, is no longer included.

Looking at this year’s numbers, Delaware saw the biggest increase in crime. Last year, the “First State” came in at number seventeen and this year it jumped to number seven. Rhode Island followed, jumping nine places, and Connecticut jumped six places on the list. On the other hand, Michigan and Alaska saw big improvements, moving back seven spots in the rankings. Unfortunately, Nevada tops the list for the seventh year in a row.

Below you’ll find a list of the top ten most dangerous states and some advice on what you can do to protect yourself or your business if you are in those states:

1. Nevada – Nevada was the most dangerous state, ranking number one for motor vehicle theft and robbery. Visit this website to learn how you can get Nevada Security Cameras.

2. New Mexico – New Mexico ranked number two for rap and number three for burglary. Visit this website to learn how you can get a quality New Mexico Surveillance System.

3. Louisiana – Unfortunately, Louisiana was the top state for murder last year, and it came in at number four for assault. Protect yourself and your business with a Louisiana Security Camera System.

4. South Carolina – More people were assaulted in South Carolina than any other state in the nation last year. Protect your family, your employees, and your customers by installing a a quality South Carolina Security Camera.

5. Tennessee – Tennessee followed South Carolina, ranking number two for the most assaults in the nation, it also ranked eighth for number of murders. A good Tennessee Security Camera can help keep you safe and deter would-be criminals.

6. Florida – With the amount of people traveling in and out of Florida each year, it’s no wonder the state ranked high for assault, burglary, and robbery. A Florida Surveillance System placed in and around your business can help keep tourists and other customers, and even you out of harm’s way.

7. Delaware – As mentioned above, Delaware saw a huge increase in crime last year and event ranked third in the amount of robberies. Visit this website to learn how you can protect yourself with Delaware Security Cameras.

8. Maryland
– Maryland ranked number two for both murder and robbery, and number four for motor vehicle theft. With numbers like that, you can’t afford not to get a Maryland Surveillance System to protect your home or business.

9. Arizona – The Grand Canyon State was big for motor vehicle theft last year (it ranked number two in the nation). A well-placed Arizona Security Camera placed outside your home or business can help keep an eye on your or your customers’ cars and other vehicles.

10. Arkansas – Rounding out the top ten, is Arkansas, which came in second in the nation in burglary and ranked fourth in the rape category. It’s possible some of these crimes could have been prevented with quality Arkansas Security Cameras.

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