Surveillance Cameras for Pharmacies

Any type of retail outlet or health care facility should have surveillance cameras for a number of reasons. A pharmacy combines both of those worlds, so it’s even more important that a pharmacy be protected by quality security cameras. Pharmacies contain an inventory of items that are expensive and in high demand, and that makes security an even bigger issue.

Your pharmacy’s security cameras can serve a number of purposes. Cameras placed at key locations can protect your staff and your customers from harm. They can deter would-be criminals and catch any sort of illegal, criminal activity. When a crime is caught on camera, police are able to release video to the public or use it in other ways that may lead to an arrest. Also, video footage can provide an objective witness in the event it is needed for a court case.

Cameras may also help keep your prices low and competitive. Pharmacies often have a problem with stolen stock, due to the nature of their inventory. Stolen drugs can drive up prices and even eventually run you out of business.

When you do decide to purchase a surveillance camera system for your pharmacy, there are a few things to consider. What is the size of your store? Are you located in a large retail store or are you in your own building? Is your pharmacy freestanding or are you part of a strip mall or other building? How do your customers receive their drugs? Do you have a drive-through service or do all transactions take place at the counter? Do you already have any type of security in place? An alarm system, other cameras, or a guard, for example? Maybe you want to compliment what you already have or maybe you are starting from scratch. Also, you’ll want to consider any type of problems you’ve had in the past. Do you find a certain aisle always has missing inventory? Does your drive-through always fall prey to hold-ups or other incidents?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind while installing the cameras. You’ll want to place your cameras where every customer you serve is caught on video, both at the counter and the drive-through if you have one. You need to be sure you catch every person’s face on camera and if you do have a drive-through, catching their license plate numbers on camera can also serve you well. Just be sure you are protecting well-meaning customers’ medical information private. You’ll also want to monitor areas where you keep drugs in storage or discard unneeded items. These areas are very attractive to thieves who are looking to get drugs they are unable to get without a prescriptions.

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  1. I would like to add about cctv surveillance cameras functionality in pharmacies. The CCTV surveillance camera is useful to protected by quality security cameras,it would be helpful to catch criminals & illegal criminal activities. If pharmacy stolen any medicines or drugs means the video footage can provide an objective witness in the event.

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