Arkansas High School Improves Security with Cameras

Schools are some of the most common places for security cameras. Keeping our children safe is more important than anything else in the world. And one school in Corning, Arkansas has learned that lesson well.

In November, Corning High School found three different bomb threats written on a boy’s bathroom wall…all in one week. Unfortunately, no one has been charged but law enforcement is still investigating. Fortunately, a week before the bomb threats, cameras were installed in the schools and according School Resource Officer Dwight Brown, have been a helping with the investigation and with other problems.

“Cameras are really a big help,” he told a local news station. “You can definitely see a big difference. Last year when we didn’t have them you had a lot of people roaming the halls.”

Even students agree the school is safer with the added cameras. “They find stuff that some people can’t find as if there was a discipline problem and nobody saw it they could find it on the cameras,” one eighth grader said.

And a senior in the school said, “We’ve had vandalism problems in the past and since they show the outside we can really use them.”

One teacher said he’s noticed less graffiti in the bathrooms and outside the school. Students don’t know where all the cameras are located, but for the most part, most of them say they aren’t worried about it because they aren’t doing anything wrong. One school official says the cameras have helped with “he said, she said” incidents because teachers and administrators now have that information on video.

The cameras aren’t just on the high school campus. Two elementary schools have cameras as well. And all of the buses in the district have added cameras too, which has helped take the pressure off of drivers, so they can spend more time driving kids to and from school and less time worrying about who is doing what.


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