Surveillance Cameras Can Save Your Restaurant

Hungry Burglar Breaks Into Restaurant To Make Burgers

Police officers in Bonneville County, Idaho are looking for someone. The person they are searching for is suspected of armed robbery at a local I-Hop restaurant. Sergeant Doug Metcalf with the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office has been trying to piece together what he can about the robbery, but there’s something missing, something that could make his job a lot easier: video or a picture of the suspect from a surveillance system.

“It makes solving the crime a lot easier,” Metcalf told a local news station, “Usually the ones that don’t have surveillance video and all we have is a description, those could take months, years to solve.”

And Metcalf is right. Having a security camera system installed in your restaurant can ultimately save your business. In the event of a robbery, or some other type of crime, police can take the video from the surveillance system and use it to find that person and arrest them so that they do not return to your restaurant.

It just so happens that this particular restaurant in Idaho had a security camera but it was not properly placed and therefore the suspect was able to take off without a trace. Poorly placed cameras are just like not having a camera at all. At the very least, you want your cameras focused on all entrances to the building, so that no one can get in without being seen. You also want to make sure that the cameras are placed at an angle so that you’re able to get any potential criminal’s face in the shot, not just the top of their heads.

Beyond entrances and exits, you’ll want to place a camera where money transactions take place. Registers are usually where hold-ups occur and not only that, but you may be able to prevent or solve a crime involving employee theft. You want to trust employees and think the best of them, but it’s always possible for one bad apple to work their way into restaurant. Employees who are aware they’re being watched may think twice about stealing money, and if they do choose to steal some cash, you’ll catch the incident on camera, to use as evidence.

In the long run, not having security cameras in your restaurant can be very harmful to your business. It can end up costing you thousands of dollars and maybe even more. Below are some tips and ideas about installing cameras in your restaurant.

    1. Make sure your cameras are pointed so that you can see the faces of customers.


    1. Place outdoor cameras that help identify cars that enter your parking lot.


    1. Have cameras in locations where any cash handling transactions take place.


    1. Cameras placed at counters can help you monitor long lines and schedule staff for peak hours.


    1. You always want to have cameras placed at entrances and exits so you can see everyone who enters and exits your building.


    1. Outdoor video can keep track of any vandalism to the outside of your building, any landscaping you may have in your parking lot, or if you have an outdoor dining area.


    1. Many restaurant owners are surprised at the types of surprises they come across when they place a camera at their dumpsters.


  1. Make sure your video is viewable from a remote location, such as your home or office computer, or even your wireless laptop.

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