Connecticut Residents Use Cameras to Deter Speeders

If you’re driving on Terry Road between Bloomfield and Hartford Connecticut you may want to slow down. A few neighborhood residents who call themselves the “Terry Road Action Committee” have mounted two surveillance cameras on a tree along side of the road. They say their goal was to protect the over 30 children who live on the street from speeders.

Upon installing the cameras, the group handed out fliers at the nearby University of Hartford, explaining the cameras and why they installed them. They promised to notify police, the university, insurance companies or a student’s parents if a student was caught driving recklessly through the neighborhood. They even offer a $500 reward for anyone who reports a speeder.

Jonathan Fairbanks, a member of the group, told a local newspaper that they have seen a decrease in the number of speeders since the cameras have been put into place, and that overall traffic has slowed down. He is the owner of both the cameras and the tree which they are mounted on. Otherwise, he is very secretive about the cameras.

The speed limit in the area is 25 MPH and police have increased traffic enforcement there. Residents have also tried placing traffic cones in the road and requesting the city put speed bumps there, but none of those ideas worked. Fairbanks said speeding and reckless driving are most prevalent when students return to the college in the fall and after the winter break.

John Carson, the vice president of university relations said the school has no problem with the cameras. “We haven’t heard or seen any concerns… we don’t have a sense that they are infringing on any innate right,” he said in an interview with a local paper. City police said they were unaware of the cameras and have not been involved.


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