Texas Beach Neighborhood Installs Security Cameras

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A subdivision with public beach access in Galveston, Texas is beefing up security. The homeowner’s association of Pirate’s Beach has installed four security cameras to monitor who comes in and out of the neighborhood. Many of the homes in the neighborhood are vacation homes, which means they aren’t always occupied by their owners.

Ron Pearrow, a neighborhood resident who was for the cameras, says it wasn’t burglaries or break-ins that prompted the installation of the cameras, but more of a desire to keep an eye on things and possibly prevent any future incidents. Homeowners have seen an increase of beach-goers trespassing on private property.

Even so, Pearrow says homeowners aren’t trying to prevent the public from taking advantage of the beaches, “Ninety-nine percent of the people who use the beach do so in a reasonable manner,” he told the Galveston County Daily News. “But there are people who don’t. The Open Beaches Act does not say you can park in a driveway, ask to borrow a beach towel or use someone’s shower.”

If an incident were to take place in one of the private homes located in the neighborhood, homeowners may not discover it until weeks later, but with the cameras, police will have some added evidence to help them carry out an investigation.

Pearrow is insistent that the homeowner’s association simply wants to protect their private property and not limit access to the beach. Two cameras were installed at Pirate’s Beach’s entrance and the other two were installed at nearby banks where people can also enter the neighborhood. The cameras are set up to catch images of everyone who comes and goes from the subdivision, as well as vehicle license plate numbers.


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