Cops in Harlem catch two crimes on CCTV on the same night in same building.

On Saturday January 2nd officers assigned to the Viper Unit, part of the NYPD’s housing bureau that monitors security cameras at a housing project in Harlem, caught two suspects on CCTV in the same building, on the same night.

The first incident involved a stabbing. Officers didn’t have a suspect description, but saw a man standing in the elevator, barefoot, and followed him through the building and outside on a cold, snowy night. They called in the description and the suspect was arrested shortly after.

The suspect is Alejandro Morales is being held without bail for the stabbing death of his 9 year-old cousin, Anthony Maldonado.

The second incident involved animal abuse. The officers just happened to see a 21 year-old man viciously kicking and abusing a tiny black-and-white Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix. The man kicked the 12 pound dog across the elevator where the dog cowered in the corner until they left the elevator.

Officers searched the building for the suspect and when Chris Grant returned to his home on Monday, he was greeted by police and arrested. He was arraigned last week on charges of torturing and injuring an animal and resisting arrest.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly gave the officers certificates of recognition for their work. One, Lt. Jason Savino, was also commended for tracking and locating a second murder suspect. The other four, Sgt. Christopher Dixon, Det. Michael Oner, and Police Officers Raul Gabriel and Naetron King were commended for helping to capture “an abusive individual who repeatedly and brutally beat a small defenseless dog.”

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