Florida Officers Caught On Security Camera Playing Wii

Wii video games are gaining popularity all over the world, they’re so easy to play they’re almost ideal even for non-gammers. Well that was never proven more true than during a Florida drug task force raid in September.

Polk County Sheriff’s Drug Task Force raided a home near Lakeland, FL. Instead of acting like professional police officers, they were distracted by a video game, Wii Bowling, to be exact. Unfortunately for the officers, the whole day was caught on a security camera connected to the homeowners computer.

Various members of the task force are seen on video playing a game of Wii Bowling for more than an hour. While the whole raid lasted roughly nine hours and cost the tax payers of Polk Country nearly $4,000. In all, 11 members of the team were found to be at fault in an internal investigation. They all received 2 hours of retraining and their supervising sergeants are to complete 4 hours of retraining.

“We are learning from our mistakes,” said sheriff’s Chief of Staff Gary Hester. “I’m absolutely convinced these folks will never do that again. I think we handled (the investigation) appropriately.”


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