Security Cameras for Schools

Whether you’re in charge of a daycare center, an elementary school, a high school or a college, both public and private, one of your main concerns is the safety of your students and teachers. Since incidents like those at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech, concerns about safety on school campuses have grown and more precautions are being taken to step up security. One sure way of keeping your school safe is a quality surveillance system. Cameras placed around school campuses take notice of everything from unwelcome visitors to violence amongst students. As a matter of fact, many schools are currently updating old systems security camera and putting even more cameras in and around school buildings…

The Hoxie, Arkansas School District is installing 180 new security cameras this summer. The cameras will be placed in areas such as classrooms, hallways, the cafeteria and outside, around the school. The School District Superintendent says the cameras will not only keep kids safe, but should help decrease discipline problems, allowing teachers to spend more time educating students.

In Bay City, Michigan, Bay City Public Schools are installing security cameras in middle and high schools. The district received a grant from Coca-Cola to help better the schools and according to the superintendent, they have wanted to install cameras in several areas throughout the schools for a while now. Each principal at each school has designed a plan for the cameras that will help enhance school security and allow administrators to monitor what’s going on within the school.

Several schools in the Alle-Kiski Valley (the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area) are installing more security cameras in their school systems, hoping to reduce crime. While local residents hope the cameras will prevent drug dealers and child molesters from entering or even moving to the area, local police say cameras have already prevented and solved many problems including vandalism and fightigh, because students know there is an extra eye on them.

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