Convenience Store Security Cameras

It’s no secret that convenience stores are often subject to robbery, shoplifting and other violent crimes. As a matter of fact, according to Crime Magazine, convenience store workers are second only to police officers in being victims of homicide and it has been one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States for many years. In some cities, such as Dallas, Texas, law enforcement agencies have been forced to create special task forces and store owners have been forced to closed their doors for this reason.

There are any number of reasons for high crimes at convenience stores including the small number of staff on duty at any given time, late-night hours when there are most likely to be less witnesses, smaller stores make for easier navigation, and the fact that most purchases are made with cash. From federal agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to private groups such as National Association of Convenience Stores, many studies have taken place on what can be done to prevent or lessen the number of crimes committed at convenience stores. One finding that each study seems to have in common is implementing better security measures including an increase and update to store Security Cameras.

If you watch your local news stations, chances are you’ve seen some sort of surveillance camera footage from a local convenience store or gas station. In most cases, the camera has caught the suspect on video and law enforcement is asking for the public’s help in identifying the person who committed the crime. A security camera system that is able to capture quality images can lead to the capture of the most violent criminals and make other would-be criminals think twice about committing a crime at the same location. Video and images from cameras are also often used in court to prosecute those who committed the crime.

Most convenience stores are also gas stations and it’s hard for a single clerk to monitor both the store and the gas pumps at all time. With the rising prices of gas in the United States, many people are turning to theft to keep their tanks full. Gas station owners all over the country will tell you they’ve seen an increase in the number of customers who drive off without paying for that full tank of gas and many times, unless you are lucky enough that an employee or another customer witnessed the incident, these crimes will go unpunished. A carefully placed security camera can help clerks, owners, and law enforcement officials get a description of the customer, their car, and the car’s tag number, making it easier to track down the thief.

Another great reason to have security cameras installed in your store is to monitor your own employees. In smaller stores and at night, most stores are attended by one single person. Chances are, that person is trustworthy and doing the job they were hired to do but every once in a while, someone with poor judgment comes along and takes advantage of the situation. Studies show that employees who are aware they are being monitored are less likely to steal cash or items from their place of employment, particularly convenience stores.

If you are a convenience store owner, not having security cameras or having out-of-date cameras is a risk you can’t afford to take. can help you choose and install the right cameras for your convenience store. For more information or to get a Convenience Store Security Quote, visit our website at or call 877-422-1907.

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