Security Camera Tips for Driveway Security

If you are like many homeowners, you want to ensure the well being of your house and property. Although not a new concept, many homeowners are beginning to utilize security cameras in order to help assure the safety homes, and in particular, they are using Driveway Security Cameras. With recent advances in technology and the lowered cost of cameras and hardware, this trend has risen to record levels over the last year.For those unfamiliar with with the concept of utilizing security cameras to keep an eye on your home or your driveway, there are several things to consider before buying and installing your security system.

What is in your driveway.

Before deciding what type of security system you want to install for your home, you need to take into consideration how expensive the items in your driveway are and if they justify a professional grade security system. Do need to be able to monitor your driveway in live time while you are away? Or do you simply want to keep a video record of any events that might have taken place. Things like this will determine what kind of security system you will need to fit your specifications.

What you will need for your Driveway Security System.

The minimum driveway security system we suggest would consist of a GeoVision based PC DVR along with a single bullet camera. Although the system specs of even the most basic system can vary greatly we find that a GeoVision 650 PC with a 17″ LCD and a bullet camera is more than enough for your most basic needs. For the camera itself it would be ideal to get a low light color bullet camera with a wide angle lens. It is important to note that a wide angle lens will bring some limitations to the effective viewing distance of the camera and such it is best to put the camera in close proximity to the objects you want to monitor. Another great reason to use bullet cameras for your security project is that they are usually extremely small and black in color making them extremely hard to notice. Whats also great about this type of security system is that the DVR(Digital Video Recorder) will record all the happenings for you to watch at a later date.


Getting a professional grade security system to monitor your home or driveway is an extremely worthwhile project for many homeowners. To learn more about Driveway Security Cameras see the links below or call us today at 877-422-1907 and talk to a security camera professional and get started with your security project today.

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