Security camera can see through clothes

New camera technology for airport securityBefore all you guy’s run out to buy the new Thruvision T5000 you should know it’s not that type of camera .Although it can see through clothes what it doesn’t do is give you the full anatomy picture. So woman don’t worry this security camera won’t revile the things you may be concerned about.

The T5000 can only see through clothes well enough to detect things such as explosives, liquids, weapons and narcotics. These are things we should be concerned with and a camera that can spot them is not a bad thing. Right?

The Thurvision T5000 unlike X-rays doesn’t emit radiation it can only detect it. This camera picks up Terahertz rays, or T-rays that naturally emitted by all objects and can even pass through walls or fabric.

There are some airports that have been using such technology for a while now, but the T5000 is more for open areas like border crossings. In the world we live in, technology Is taking great leaps in security and security cameras and the Thurvision is just newest example of this.

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