KJB Micro Eyes DVR Ball Camera

KJB Micro EyesWow, so I know all of you out there have always had that notion to spy on someone. Your sitting somewhere and you wonder what someone says about you behind your back or what your kid really does in his room. Well now you can get those questions answered! And you can get answers with a significantly less chance of getting busted!

Check out the KJB Micro Eyes DVR Ball Camera.(isnt the kjb russian secret police?) This thing is pretty cool. Its a mini dvr camera that can fit virtully anywhere. How you ask? Well thats largely due to the fact that the KJB Micro Ball is about the size of an average ping pong ball, which is also the world’s very first ball shaped mini dvr camera. Inside the compact shape is a motion activated camera and dvr that captures images at 30 FPS at 320×240 resolution. It comes with a 128mb internal memory and can support up to a 2 gig micro sd card.

Some added features include 1 t.v. output port, rechargeable Li-Polymer battery 3.7V DC 380mA, continuous 6 hour recording, USB connector/adaptor 5V DC 2A,recording on motion detection 4-24 hours, MPEG 4, camera: CMOS under 1 Lux 55 degrees and weighs 1 ounce. This camera is perfect for anything from vehicle security, sports or business security to schools homes or whatever your little heart desires.

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