Are IP Bullet Cameras Right For You?

IP Bullet CamerasWhen dealing with security cameras its not always the specs that will dictate which type of camera will be best, but instead the situation in which it will be used. In order to answer the question “Will an IP Bullet Camera be right for me?” we will take a look at some of the scenarios in which an IP Bullet Camera will excel at.

1. You Only Need A Single Camera – IP Cameras are great when needed in limited numbers due to high bandwidth needs associated with with IP cameras. Too many IP cameras and they will fail to function in terms of framerate and resolution, even with a great connection.

2. You Need an Easy Way to Monitor Your Camera – IP Cameras can easily be monitored on the web and you can even put a live shot on your web page. If you are ever curios as to whats happening right now you can log in from anywhere with an internet connection and see.

3. You Need Visual Access to Remote Locations – With the ability to be viewed through the internet, you can add remote locations to your surveillance network through the use of an IP Camera.

4. You Don’t Want to Record the Video – If you only need to monitor a specific area for a short amount of time during the day why waste money on DVR’s and storage.

5. Its What they use on CSI – Pretty no-brainer reason here. Who doesn’t want one?

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