Security Cameras – For Peace Of Mind

Security Cameras of course get a lot of attention in the news when they catch scenes of horrific crime or accidents. But as important as that is we all hope, do what we can to be safe, and play the odds that those things will never happen to us. So then why do people use security cameras at their homes such as seen in this clip of a security camera watching the driveway?

Well for many of us it’s for the little things. Such as peace of mind knowing why your packages always arrived smashed. Or perhaps knowing how that tire mark ended up in your yard. Or in my case, who left that baby stroller by my front door. Beause after all it’s the little things that can drive us crazy.

3 thoughts on “Security Cameras – For Peace Of Mind”

  1. Ok at first I was appalled at what the driver did to the package. But then I watched it again and noticed that the driver pulls the ebrake, and JUMPS OUT WHILE THE TRUCK IS STILL MOVING. And there are 2 pedestrians in front of him!

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