What is a Perfect Bullet Camera

Perfect Bullet CameraWhen thinking of a security camera, there are a few core essential traits that immediately come to mind when we picture a “perfect” security camera. The perfect camera must be durable, discrete, affordable, and of course, functioning as a surveillance unit and monitoring specific areas while recording data. In my opinion, the type of camera that meets all the needs of a perfect camera is of course the Bullet Camera. And here is why.

1. There are several models of bullet cameras that come with a high durability rating and have been designed for outdoor use. When looking for how “durable” a camera is look for their IP (Ingress Protection) rating which will tell how suitable a camera is for outdoor use. When models fail to list this detail look for the description of a camera as “Waterproof”, “Weatherproof”, or “Outdoor” as an indicator of how durable it truly is.

2. Bullet Cameras are by conventional standards small. While there are a few that come in large sizes a truly perfect bullet camera must not be big and lack of size is a very good thing. Small bullet cameras are hard to spot by intruders, easy to mount and install, and provide all the functions of a standard security camera.

3. When dealing with bullet cameras low light environments are ideal for their use and typically operate in a .05 Lux. Low light bullet cameras however do need some ambient light, but the positive side to this is that they do not require their own infrared illuminators which can produce an easily noticeable red glow.

4. Finally, the perfect anything for anyone involves a low cost solution. Why spend more for features you don’t need when you can save money or possibly buy more cameras. This is why Bullet Cameras are perfect for any security system under a budget.

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