GeoVision Software Upgrades

One of the many features we like about the GeoVision DVR product, and the PC based solution in general, is that the software can be upgraded. In the case of GeoVison, a company that has been a world leader in the manufacture of professional grade DVR cards for decades, the software upgrades are 100% free.

Some of the cool new features we have seen added to the surveillance software over the years include, people counting, object tracking, missing object notification, face detection, 3G mobile phone support and on and on and on.

We think the level of dedication GeoVison puts into their software and its continued improvement is just one of many reasons to consider a quality PC based DVR. If you are already in agreement with us and own a GeoVision DVR we hope you find the above link to the upgrade process to be helpful.

If you have any question on the GeoVision software or its upgrades please give us a call today at 877-422-1907

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