IR135 Infrared Weatherproof Bullet Camera

The IR 135 is a top quality Infrared Camera. The first thing you might notice is that it is a full sized bullet camera with 36 LED’s on it. These “Super Powered” LED’s are capable of providing enough infrared light to see out to 110 feet. The IR135 is also completely weatherproof and boasts an IP66 rating. The IP66 rating is something you must have if you expect your camera to work outside. IP stands for Ingress Protection and it is a measure that all quality camera housings are rated. If you are looking at a camera and it does not boast an IP66 or higher then it is not a camera we would recommend for use outside.

Another Great feature of the IR135 is its varifocal lens. The varifocal lens allows you to adjust from a setting of a wide angle 3.3mm all the way up to 12mm wide angle. This is easily adjustable and allows you to easily fit any subject area inside the cameras viewing angle.

The IR 135 is one of the better IR cameras out on the market to date.

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