Security Cameras for Cash Registers

So are you a small business owner running one or more cash registers and thinking about a Security Camera System for your store or restaurant? Have you been kicking around the advantages of security cameras and weighting them against the cost of the system?

Well before you make up your mind: Did you know that it is estimated that 20% of every dollar a US company makes is lost to employee theft? Did you know one out of three US companies that file for bankruptcy can trace their failure back to employee theft? And did you know that a GeoVisoin Security Camera system can directly integrate with your registers to make sure that you keep every penny of every sale that your employees ring up.

That’s right the GeoVisoin DVR software supports a video overlay of your register receipt so that you can see what an employee is ringing up as each transaction takes place. The software even keeps a searchable database of the transactions so that you can quickly find a video event of any given sale.

To learn more about how to protect yourself from employee theft at the register visit our Security Camera website or call us today at 877-422-1907.

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