DVR Card – Under Four Hundred Dollars

Recently someone asked the question: “What’s a good 4 port DVR card for under $400”. That’s a good question because a quality four port DVR card at the right price can give a small business or a home user a lot of options for a security camera system.

To help our readers answer that question, so they don’t take our word, or the word of any vendor as gospel, let me explain the thinking has lead to our decision to sell the GeoVision brand of DVR cards.

1.Dependability – GoeVision DVR products are used worldwide and their years of digital surveillance system design and commitment to manufacturing excellence are reflected in their DVR cards. With hardware failure rates so low that you can rest assured you are buying a quality product.

2.Features – Offering one of the most diverse and continually updated software packages in the industry every model, from the most entry level, to the top of the line GeoVison DVR card uses the same quality software. Popular features include Hardware Image Compression, IP camera support, Point of Sale Integration, Access Control Integration, Online Monitoring, and even License Plate Recognition.

3.Ease of Use – Being a PC Based Security Camera Solution the menu driven GeoVision software is easy to upgrade, maintain, and use. Offering all the network connectivity and remote access options as any business class computer system the GeoVisoin DVR solution offers total network flexibility.

4.Value – As subjective as this is I think most will agree that a quality product, from a reliable name brand manufacture with a lengthy history in the security business, along with state of the art software designed for serious business security applications, and a reasonable price, would constitute good value.

So with that being said we at would recommend the GeoVision 650 four port DVR card as a great solution to the under $400 dollar DVR question. As mentioned above this card offers the same software as the GeoVision models selling for double its price and with the card operating at 60 Frames Per Second you are guaranteed to get at least 15 Frames Per Second Per Camera even if all four ports were recording simultaneously.

For more information on the GoeVison software visit our GeoVison Brochure page or our main website on Security Cameras.

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