How to Open Ports for a GeoVision DVR Server Firewall

When your GeoVision DVR server becomes up and running, the next step you need to do will be to connect the server to your local network in order to allow intranet or internet access. Connecting to a network will allow you utilize the remote viewing and playback feature of your CCTV DVR server through the use of any internet web browser. The problem that comes with utilizing this unique feature of remote access, however, is that you must “teach” your server how to deal with these incoming signals

It is important to remember that if you are behind any type of firewall, without the proper configuration, it will block your incoming requests for remote access. In order to solve this issue you will have to configure your router to accept incoming requests from the internet. This requires the opening of ports on your router in order match up the incoming requests of your web browser to your DVR server.

If you are interested in learning how to properly configure your router for use with a GeoVision server, see our Opening Firewall Ports on a GeoVision DVR Server page for a step by step walk through tutorial and other information.

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