Australia plans on installing 5000 ANPR Cameras

In Australia, state and federal police want to upgrade and put in ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) cameras that will be able to capture a front image of a vehicle that will be clear enough to indentify the driver and passenger so that I can be used in court as evidence. The plan calls for 5000 around the country that will be able to capture the high speed shots. The 5000 ANPR will be taking pictures of every car that drives past them and then recording the data for up to five years. Each day the 5000 ANPR cameras will be taking a combined total of 70 million pictures a day. Law enforcement agencies will also use mobile units of the ANPR cameras that will be used in criminal investigations. The plan is to mainly focus the cameras in large cities, with over 1000 being placed in both Sidney and Melbourne, and the rest around other major cities.

ANPR cameras are not a thing though for Australia, currently an estimated 300 fixed ANPR cameras and 100 mobile units are placed in Australia. Upgrading this number to 5000 is a big proposal, but the security benefits are definitely there. ANPR cameras will be able to play a key roll in helping with criminal cases in any of Australia’s major cities.

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