Security Cameras for Sports Fishing

The days of the big fish tales could be coming to an end. As more and more Sports Fishing Charters are taking advantage of security camera systems to document that “one that got away”.

With standard GeoVision / Dell DVR systems from going out to sea, charter sports fishing services are now offering video of their customers entire fishing experience. Hopefully including that once in a lifetime catch.

With the exception of taking care to use a CCTV camera that is rated to withstand the salt water environment the DVR systems themselves operate just as they do back on land. The charter service simply installs the cameras in any and all vantage points to watch their guests spend a leisurely day fishing. The DVR is of course always watching, always recording, and when a customer gets back to dock with a catch worth keeping the charter service offers the client a DVD of all the action.

Of course having a security camera system installed on the boat also gives the captain and crew great live time information. Even on a boat the benefits of real time and recorded video information across multiple areas cannot be overlooked.

So remember if you are prone to telling tall tales be sure to ask if your next deep sea fishing charter is equipped with a camera system. If so… just hope you really do catch that 300lb. Grouper.

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