High Schools Upgrading Camera Security and Access

The desire to provide a safe and secure learning environment for students has always been a top priority for parents, teachers, and staff in school districts across the nation.

Two Chicago school districts have taken this desire into consideration and have opted to upgrade their security camera system to give administrators and security personnel easy access to see whats happening at any given time during or after school hours. This new security system has been installed in Romeoville and Bolingbrook high schools in the Chicago area. Coordinator of safety and security for Valley View School District, Leroy Brown, has deemed these security measures “Necessary” for school security.

If there was a fight at noon and we wanted to go and review the footage, we would be able to have the capacity to do that right at my desk. It’s important. You need to know what’s happening in the schools.

This new security system also integrates motion detection and intermittent video recording in key areas throughout the schools. If a student opened a side door of the school to leave or let somebody in, the cameras would begin to record and video would be displayed on the surveillance screens in the security office. These type of cameras and security measures are also effective in key areas of the school such as chemistry labs, athletic rooms, or any other type of area deemed important to keep an eye on. Brown has this to say about the security measures that have been put in place at these high schools.

It is necessary. We haven’t had a lot of problems like that but like anything else you want to prevent it before it happens.

Should these security measures be met with success camera security systems will also be installed at the local middle schools in the area.

Source: suburbanchicagonews.com

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  1. I have found the restraints of purchasing agents in schools and government agencies are loosening with respect to electronic security and video surveillance measures. The trend in purchasing security is where’s the credit card! The old big brother watching fear is gone. We no longer fear it..we know it. In all I think and know security cameras do elevate the security level in schools.

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