Cincinnati to receive security cameras

Cincinnati Ohio will be installing 120 “crime cameras” soon after receiving a two million dollar federal grant.

Cincinnati City Council is hoping to see similar results as observed in Chicago where their 600 surveillance cameras have reportedly assisted in 1,400 arrests.

Cincinnati has long been plagued by an increasing crime rate since 2000 and it is hoped that the cameras will bring back a feeling of security to the citizens. “Hopefully by doing this….we really begin to make our neighborhoods safer,” said City Councilwoman Roxanne Qualls.

The cameras, in addition to being available to police patrol from laptops within the cruisers, will be viewable to 911 dispatchers after receiving a call. It is even said the cameras can even zoom in on the sound of gunfire.

The new Cincinnati Security Cameras will first see action around Glenway Avenue this October.

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  1. I feel strongly that this is a good idea.

    The Edmonton Police Service in Alberta Canada has been running Remote Video Monitoring projects in high crime areas for a few years now. As I understand it, it has made an enormous impact on crime in those areas.

    The Edmonton Remote Video Monitoring system is monitored by live operators who are trained to assess the activity captured in the images and escalate notification of any event that may require Police intervention.

    I think that the proactive monitoring is key to Edmonton Police Service’s success with the project.

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