Outdoor Wireless IR IP Cameras

The Outdoor Wireless Infrared IP Camera has many more capabilities and advantages over standard wired camera devices. This camera can communicate wirelessly with any standard 802.11/g wireless devices allowing tons of flexibility when installing and operating the camera. The camera also uses encryption methods and password protection to protect your wireless network from unwanted intrusions. This model was designed for outdoor use and operation and functions perfectly in extreme temperatures and is splash resistant and can hold its own in wet weather.

The camera also has the ability to enable two-way voice communications between the network camera and a PC being used to monitor the camera. Because the camera connects wirelessly accessing the cameras feed is easy and you can connect from any PC with access to the internet and can be viewed in real time. By accessing your camera wirelessly you can also change many of its settings including color and night view settings, camera name, white balance, and even pan/tilt range. Another unique feature is the camera has sensors that can be triggered by motion, sound, light, and timer. One of the most unique features of this camera is that it comes equipped with an infrared heat sensor and can be set to record automatically and even notify you by e-mail.

These features make this camera perfect for monitoring any type of important entrance, room, or even a parking lot. Due to its wireless capabilities the camera can be set up virtually anywhere allowing for convenient placement anywhere you would like. A popular use of this camera is as a home security device to monitor your front door and to see who’s visited your front door in your absence. These cameras are also being employed by banks and business to watch their vaults and security safes to see who’s been entering an area. Hotels have also been utilizing these types of cameras to monitor their parking lot for vandals and to get license plates of all their visitors.

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