Infrared Security Camera – Advice

Key to a successful CCTV installation is having the right expectations. One of the most misunderstood technologies in the world of CCTV is found in the forum of the Infrared Camera.

From those who mistakenly believe that off the shelf Infrared security cameras will allow them to detect body heat, to those that think that Infrared cameras will give them perfect night vision the world is full of “CSI” induced self delusions.

Generally speaking Infrared, which literally means “below red”, can simply be thought of as type of radiation, or light, whose wavelength makes it invisible to the human eye.

For those who care to better understand Infrared CCTV technology and how it can benefit security systems in the real world follow this link to our article entitled “IR Cams – How You Can Benefit”.

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  1. Great Post. Many people find it hard to believe that their infrared cameras don’t work like in the movies.

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