Is CCTV better than IP even in the Silicon Valley

Could this be the case? Could CCTV cameras be a more cost effective solution as compared to IP cameras even in the heart of the Silicon Valley?

Even though at its core CCTV infrastructure is based on a technology that’s decades old, its closed network, low cost cameras, and guaranteed performance make a CCTV security camera solution a solid competitor of the upstart IP camera market.

So if you have ever wondered if IP security cameras are all that and a bag of chips, or if perhaps they are just another over hyped, over priced, and often under performing solution, to a problem that many people are eager to believe can be solved with a new technology, then this article subtitled “How CCTV Can Be Better Than IP Even In Silicon Valley” will be worth your time.

1 thought on “Is CCTV better than IP even in the Silicon Valley”

  1. IP and CCTV analog both have advantages, even in the valley.

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