Construction Site Security Cameras

Theft from construction sites is estimated to be a $1 billion dollar per year industry, according to the Tempe, Arizona Crime Prevention Website. Not just a local or national problem, Construction Site Security Cameras for theft prevention are a growing interest the whole world round. The culprits aren’t always strangers, either — keeping an eye on your employees is common sense no matter what business you’re in. Raw building materials and company-owned equipment are both equally vulnerable to theft and damage, and the costs of material such as copper is rising every day.

Stolen construction material and equipment costs more than just the cash put out to replace them, it results in a loss of productivity due to the time it takes to replace the items. Studies show that security cameras placed in visible places deter theft by the mere sight of them. That, combined with the ability to catch and have evidence to prosecute thieves suggests that a Construction Site Surveillance System could save you a lot of time and cash.

The Construction Site Surveillance Cameras page offers more than just sales of complete CCTV Security Camera Packages, it has a list of steps to take to prevent theft: post signs to ward off thieves, keep physical access to the site limited after-hours, secure your loose equipment in a shed, and communicate with the neighbors around your site so they can help warn you if your site is being trespassed upon.

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  1. When most people think of criminals and burglaries, what immediately pops into their minds is the picture of a late night 7/11 and a masked gunmen. Hardly anyone immediately thinks of a construction site as a potential crime scene and this misconception is usually what causes theft in these areas. You would be surprised just how much of a difference one or two security cameras can do to deter theft and even increase worker productivity.

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