Wireless CCTV With PTZ And Audio

If you have ever looked into serious industrial grade wireless security camera products you will appreciate the value that this CCTV wireless transmission system brings to the market. Both the Shepherd SH-200 and Shepherd SH-600 are truly revolutionary for their low cost wirelless CCTV price points.

Offering an all-in-one Digital 5.9Ghz Audio Video Transmission System from DERYTECH these new wireless products are combatable with any CCTV or IP camera you will find anywhere and they are capable of full pan-tilt-zoom and audio support. Using an encrypted digital MPEG4 audio/video stream at up to 54Mbps the Shepherd takes advantage of its powerful built in 14dB or 23dB antenna. The SH-200 and SH-600 can transmit video, audio and PTZ signals at distances of up to 1 or 4 miles respectively.

Although at a ground breaking low cost the Shepherd wireless transmission system is a serious commercial product designed for those situations where hard wiring is impractical but a security camera is critical. Don’t hesistate to follow this link to ask how the Shepherd could work for you. But for example: The Shepherd Wireless Transmission System is a perfect fit for City Governments looking to increase security in public parks, for large factories watching remote scale stations or gates, or an extremely remote location

To read more about the Shepherd wireless products visit our Nationwide Security Camera website and their article on the Shepherd Wireless Transmission Systems.

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