Surveillance Camera Systems for Correctional Institutions

We spend more than 3 times as much money in the United States to house, clothe, and feed inmates than we do on law enforcement and programs for crime prevention. We have more incarcerated criminals in the U.S. than any other country in the world with the exception of China. With nearly 1 in 100 people in our country in a jail or prison, it’s no wonder that the battle to finance correctional institutions gets harder and harder every year.

A Correctional Institution CCTV Surveillance Camera System has many and varied benefits to the administrators of a modern prison or jail. More places you can monitor from a central location such as jail cells, interview rooms, and main thoroughfares, means less guards you need to keep on staff. It also results in increased protection from liability, as with GeoVision Security Camera software you can configure it to automatically record and timestamp motion, among a multitude of other useful features.

See Security Cameras in Jail Cells for more information and ideas on how select locations for camera placement can increase safety and security and decrease overhead costs in your correctional institution.

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