GeoVision V8.12 Compatible with Vista

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GeoVision’s latest version, V8.12, is compatible with Microsoft’s operating system, Vista. So now all GeoVision users who have Vista can rejoice. Along with being compatible with Vista this new version has greater mobility, scalability, and operability.

With V8.12 it is easier than ever to use your mobile device to view live feeds from your GeoVision surveillance systems. With a new multi-screen feature, you can view from 1 to 16 video feeds from anywhere you want! You can control PTZ cameras by simply using the directional pad on your mobile device. You can switch between cameras in a flash and view full screen video faster than ever before. So whether you want to check in on your store or keep an eye on your home, you can do it with no problem with the GeoVision V8.12.

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2 thoughts on “GeoVision V8.12 Compatible with Vista”

  1. Glad GeoVision got on the Vista Bandwagon pretty quick. It’s just matter of time, months even, before XP is not longer sold.

  2. Okay New geo software great for Vista. But what about my 35 older acounts that run off the older geovision software? How will they be able to access there system using Vista?

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