GeoVision Electronic Article Surveillance

security camera watching a manufacturing plant

GeoVision announced plans last week to collaborate with Electronic Article Surveillance(EAS) systems providers and integrate EAS features into their upcoming video surveillance software.

EAS integration will allow retailers to not only receive alarms when an un-scanned item attempts to leave the store but will trigger exit door video to automatically be recorded and marked as an EAS event. This video will even be available in live time to store management using their PDA’s, thus allowing for faster and more appropriate responses to potential shoplifting incidents.

The EAS system will not only record video when an EAS tagged item leaves the store but will also be able to match it up with video of the shelf where the item is stocked. In this manner the GeoVision surveillance system will be able to quickly provide a video trail of the attempted shoplifting incident.

Through more effective EAS video integration retailers can take advantage of their GeoVision CCTV security camera system to reduce loss and the costs associated with preventing and or prosecuting shoplifters.
Fro more information on how a GeoVision DVR system can help your retail establishment visit our CCTV Learning Center.

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