Philadelphia is getting help from Security Cameras

Mayor John Street is not a stranger to crime. Born into a violent rural community in Norristown, Mayor Street began his public career as a community activist for peace. Today he announced a plan to add 250 security cameras to city streets.

The first of the cameras will be installed in the violent neighborhood around 52nd and Market Streets in West Philadelphia according to Deputy Police Commissioner Jack Gaittens. The first of the cameras could be operational as little as two weeks.

The cameras will all be wireless, highly visible to deter criminals, and monitored by a new class of civilian police workers.

The $9 million deal between the city and Unisys provide video surveillance to a large area of the city.

City Council members Darrell Clarke and Donna Reed Miller promised legislation that would authorize a similar amount for another 250 cameras next year – 500 altogether by 2009.

About the Philadelphia Mayor:
John F. Street was sworn in as Philadelphia’s 97th Mayor on January 3, 2000.

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  1. An excellent idea by the City. I have heard of some Cities mainly out west installing CCTV systems in hidden locations so keep an eye on criminal activity. Its nice to see that the Midwest is now getting them as well.

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