CCTV Security Systems for Pizzerias and Restaurants

Today more than ever businesses are installing new CCTV Security Cameras for their businesses. If you own a pizzeria, eatery, or other restaurant, now is the time to act. By installing a new Camera Security System you will insure the security of your business. Save money by increasing employee productivity, prevent inventory loss, and stop theft and vandalism.

1 thought on “CCTV Security Systems for Pizzerias and Restaurants”

  1. CCTV does little to “stop theft and vandalism.” Video taken from CCTV systems, at best, can be used in the prosecution of the individuals who commit these crimes. This assumes two very important factors, the camera/lens combination was fit to a specific purpose (not using bullet cams to monitor large areas and expect to detect faces and license plates), and the system is properly configured and maintained. Always use the lowest compression setting possible and remember to clean your camera’s lenses regularly.

    Jim Hoerricks – Forensic Photoshop

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