CCTV In Manufacturing With Video Demo

CCTV and the Manufacturing Industry have had a long relationship. As technology has turned CCTV camera systems into network accessible management tools that relationship has grown stronger.

Currently CCTV camera systems are being used to monitor plant safety, security, to improve the efficiency of assembly lines, warehousing, and every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Additionally CCTV camera systems are always a great deterrent to raw materials and tool thefts that have traditionally been a challenge for the manufacturing industry where easy access to expensive and hard to track assets is commonplace.

More CCTV Demo’s From a Manufacturing Facility

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2 thoughts on “CCTV In Manufacturing With Video Demo”

  1. Ok, I know I made this post but I just came across this page again and I still like it !

    Always cool to see how a cutomer uses their PTZ cameras and all these manufacturing stations make it even more interesting.

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