Myrtle Beach – CCTV Installer Recognized

The is proud to recognize Bob Selph owner of BGS Services from Myrtle Beach South Carolina as our Outstanding Service Provider for the month of April.

Bob’s work while partnering with on installations of Geovision DVR’s (CCTV Camera Security Systems) in the Myrtle Beach area has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has resulted in the highest level of service and satisfaction for our mutual customers.

We wish Bob and his company continued success and with our strongest recommendation we urge our callers and web visitors in the Myrtle Beach area to consider BGS Services for all your CCTV Camera Security, Point of Sale, and DVR Installation Needs!

Myrtle Beach CCTV – DVR Info Request

For more nformation contact:
Toll Free Voice: 877-422-1907
Andy Wendt is a technology writer for CSN1 Technologies.

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