Campus Video Surveillance In An Age Of Insanity

In the days immediately following the April 16th tragedy at Virginia Tech we at received several calls from reporters and news organizations that all searched in vain for any statistics that related to campus violence and video surveillance. As of course one of the first details to emerge that day included the fact that Virginia Tech had no campus wide video surveillance system in place.

Although that fact is still some what of a shock in today’s world it was quickly pointed out by one of the campus officials that a surveillance system would have done nothing to prevent this tragedy. Unfortunately I have to say on that one point they are right.

Video Surveillance Systems can benefit a campus in a lot of ways. They can deter crime, they can help provide evidence critical to the apprehension of suspects, they can provide invaluable live data to emergency response personnel at the moment of crisis but they can not deter or prevent the insanity that happened April 16th at Virginia Tech.

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