CCTV Camera Systems Improve Car Sales

Having talked to 100’s of customer and having thought I heard it all I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to learn yet another common sense use for our Geovision Camera Security Systems.

The caller was from an Auto Dealership in Denver and like most he told me they wanted cameras to watch the lot for potential trouble at night.

However this individual had already thought this through and realized that if the lot was covered with cameras then during the workday the salesman could log on to the system from their desks and watch the lot in live time. This of course would ensure that each visitor was greeted by a salesman and ultimately increase the revenue for all involved.

Apparently the current scheme boiled down to the salesmen having to hang out as long as they could by the main floor window and simply try to watch the lot for potential customers. I have to agree that being able to watch the lot in all directions from their desk should make for a lot more effective sales force.

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