PX offers High End CCTV DVR Surveillance System for Bars and Nightclubs

Camera Security Now along with Geovision have Partnered with the Tech-Army to offer a High End CCTV Camera Security System tailored specifically for Bars and Nightclubs.

DVR Surveillance System integrates with the POS system to overlay the cash register receipts on the recorded DVR video images. This will allow bar and nightclub owners to capture a view of their employees in the cash register with the actual receipt transaction overlaid on the recorded image.

The DVR Recorder itself is a 480 frames per second DVR system so you can view and record full motion. The cameras are a true Day/Night Camera from Samsung with a quality varifocal autoiris lens. This combination of camera and lens is designed specifically for the low light situations of bars and nightclubs.

If you are a bar or nightclub owner and you are looking for a quality Camera Security System installed and serviced locally, anywhere in the US, PX is the place to start.

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