Camera Security Now Rep: Best CCTV DVR Product on the Market

I believe you will find the benefits and features of our system will surpass any other products on the market and it will more than match your requirements and expectations

If you are interested in cameras, do not hesitate to call me and I will ad the cameras to the estimate.

The installation and setup of our equipment is straight forward.  The most difficult task installing their system is often running the cable and hanging the cameras.  If you would like to install the system yourself, let me know and I will quote the cabling and connectors.  We also have local contractors who can perform the installation.  If you are interested in receiving a quote for the installation, I can have a local rep call you to schedule a site survey and provide an installation estimate.  Some installers charge a flat fee of $100 to perform a site survey and this amount will be credited to your account when you have the system installed.

Thank you,

Bill Schiering

Networking and Security Sales
Camera Security Now
877-422-1907 ext 225

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