Why buy our CCTV Security Camera DVR Surveillance System?

“With all the DVRs on the market, why not just buy the cheapest thing I can find. They are all the same right?- That is the most common question we get around here,” said Bill Schiering of Camera Security Now.

All CCTV Digital Video Recorders are Not Created Equally

DVRs are actually computers. They contain processors, memory and hard drives. All dvrs operate on some type of operating system like Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Cheaper units use cheaper operating systems such as embedded XP and Linux.

Some have more storage through the use of better software compression algorithms and larger physical hard drive storage space.

Functionally is the key limitation of cheaper CCTV DVRs. As you go down the evolutionary DVR food chain, fewer and fewer functions are available. Today’s top CCTV DVRs can allow users to view video at any internet connected location, including wireless! Yes, you can watch your cameras from Starbucks!

Component quality also comes into play. Cheaper units use cheaper parts like motherboards, video cards and processors. Do you really want your business to ride on the cheapest computer money can buy? You get what you pay for.

Customer service should also come into play. Do the people answer the phone? Are they knowledgeable about the product? When you call back during regular business hours, do you get a real person or a recording?

Lastly, consider the products that other security camera stores are selling in their estores. Do they have 1000s of incompatible products? Most do, we don’t. We only have the good stuff we know about.

Why buy our CCTV Security Camera DVR Surveillance System? Because we use top quality components, great compression utility, loads of hard drive video storage, we answer the phone, email and fax, we are knowledgeable about our product and we have installers nationwide or you can do it yourself.

Camera Security Now builds CCTV Security Camera DVR Surveillance Systems based on the following top technologies:

Microsoft Window XP Professional
Intel Pentium 4 Processors
GeoVision DVR Hardware and Software

If you are interested in finding more about our high quality, medium cost products visit our website at https://www.camerasecuritynow.com, call toll free 877-422-1907 or email us sales@csn1.com

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