CCTV DVR – Saving Face for Less!

CCTV DVR is the next generation for camera surveillance. The prior technology was tape based surveillance systems. The future technology will be IP based systems, but they are not ready for prime time. CCTV DVR offer the best, most cost effective solution to any video surveillance need. Since up to 16 cameras and be broadcasted on a single IP address, DVRs offer an easier solution to configure and manage and view video from multiple locations. Even some of the lower cost models are feature rich and court room legal! But watch out, don’t get stuck with inflexible embedded systems at rock bottom prices. Keep in mind, the quality of evidence is the best way to save face.

Thats why I recommend GeoVision CCTV-DVRs. With full windows compliance you can be assured that any recorded video can be widely destributed to anyone with a pc.

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