Even The Church Could Use A Surveillance Security System

It’s a sad day when you realize public safety is such a growing concern. Crimes happen when you least expect them and in places you wouldn’t predict. Not every street is going to be dangerous, and not every neighborhood is going to be safe, so we must take precaution everywhere. The fact that may hurt the most is that the places that we would always depend on being safe may not be as secure as we thought they were. Some locations that we would want to be safe, places like schools, day care centers, and even churches, unfortunately, often aren’t as safe as we want them to be. Restaurants, gas stations, malls, businesses, and schools all have something in common: they use security cameras as a watchful eye when they can’t be around or in places that are hard to watch.

Some might think that a church, temple or shrine isn’t the time or place to have security cameras watching every corner, but the sad reality is criminals will often take anything that they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, thieves know that there are often valuables inside these places of worship and without a security system there is no way to stop them and no way to catch them.

Break-ins happen. It’s just a fact. Just like homes, places of worship often contain items that are more valuable than money. The difference is that usually there is no one to watch these places at night. Churchgoers and church officials may see many items in the church as sacred and are often invaluable. But all a criminal sees is a dollar sign, and they will take what they believe to be most valuable. Without a surveillance system watching your place of worship, criminals can break in and pilfer these priceless artifacts and there will be no way to recover them or catch the perpetrator. Moreover, properly placed security cameras can often deter crime of occurring in the first place. With the technology available today, an alert can even be sent to church officials as soon as motion is detected and a live feed of the security system can be viewed from virtually anywhere, giving you opportunity to contact police so they can catch the thief red handed.

These video recorders can also record footage for hours, days, weeks, even months, depending on the size of the hard drive you use. If vandalism or a break-in occurs while you aren’t around, or if you didn’t catch the motion detection alert, that video will be backed up on a hard drive. You can go back, view the footage, notify authorities, and supply them with the footage they need to identify the criminals.

We live in a world where precautions must be taken at every turn to assure our safety and well-being. Sadly, even at places of worship these safety measures must be taken to protect what matters most to us. Because of this, it’s best to get a surveillance system now rather than later. It’s better to be safe than sorry.



Help Your School And It’s Students Become Safer With The Help Of Security Cameras

We’ve all been there. 16 years old. We thought we knew it all. We were still kids though. One thing I remember about being that age, is that I was a lot more scared than I let on. Being a teenager, or a kid in general, is a scary thing in its own right. The whole thing is, is that going to school shouldn’t be. With as many stories that we hear on the news about something terrible happening at, or near a school, it’s normal for a kid to feel unsafe these days. The sad part, is that it shouldn’t. There’s enough going on in our children’s lives today that they shouldn’t have to be scared to go to school. One of the best ways to ensure student safety is through the use of security cameras.

A surveillance system can help prevent a lot more than students loitering in halls and passing notes. Think of all of the dangers that occur in day to day life. The reality of the situation is that some of these dangers have followed students to the schools. Guns, drugs, and more have all shown up in our school systems, and this can cause panic among students. Some events can even cause students to leave schools and cause the school to lose some of its funding.

A security camera system can do a lot more than just monitor though. Why stop there? Why not give parents some peace of mind as well? Don’t just maintain a CCTV with monitoring available in only one screen room. Utilize the DVR features. Allow parents and faculty access to remote viewing as well. All of these features can help make the school a much safer place.

Hall monitors do exist in schools today, but the fact of the matter is, is that you can’t be everywhere at one time. That would be nice but it’s just not in the cards. By placing cameras within the halls, you’ll be able to keep track of the halls as well as the students who may be coming a going. Know where your students are going and coming from at all times. This alone will help maintain a safer environment.

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Think about the outside of the school as well. Most schools have placed camera systems outside, and with good reason. Schools can’t just lock doors as it’s unsafe and fire hazard for everyone. By placing cameras outside, however, you’ll be able to monitor who is coming into your parking lot. Any suspicious looking characters can be seen before they enter the building and security can be notified. If a fight breaks out, or some other dangerous situation arises, you’ll be able to see it without being there and act accordingly.

By utilizing the DVR functions, you’ll be able to record entire school days at a time, and even at night to makes sure that there isn’t any vandalism happening. If a parent has a question about the whereabouts of their child at a certain time of day during that week, you can show them on the recordings. The remote viewing is possibly the best part of the package however. Parents at home or work will be able to monitor the halls, the school yard, their children, and the school itself. As long as the surveillance system is set up for remote viewing and the parents have an internet connection, they’ll be able to see everything that the teachers and other faculty are seeing, and all in real time.

It’s sad to know that schools aren’t as safe as they could be. “Our children are our future” as they say. Far too many tragedies have occurred in our schools. The time to set up a security camera system in your school is now, not later.


A Home Surveillance System Can Help You In More Ways Than You Think

Your home is a place of pride and family, right? It’s where you can come home after a long day, look forward to a nice cooked meal, kick your feet up, and relax after a long day’s work. It’s a place where you should feel not only a strong sense of pride, but also a strong sense of safety. Your home is everything. Shelter is one of the essentials of living, so should your shelter be compromised, your livelihood could be compromised as well. There are a few statistics out there that should make any homeowner be aware of just how crazy the world can be. In America, 1 out of every 5 homes will experience a fire or even a burglary. A fire is scary enough. The good thing is that most of the material items can be replaced. Burglaries are bit different. This can leave a lot of mental damage on those affected by it.What would you say the most common way of helping maintain a sense of security is? If you said getting a surveillance system, you don’t realize how right you are. Approximately 9 out of 10 convicted burglars said that they chose to avoid a house that some type of alarm or video surveillance system. This is one of the bigger statistics. Think about what you just read. Nine out of TEN burglars avoided a house when they noticed a surveillance system. That says something. You are essentially tripling the chances of NOT getting your home robbed by someone.With the statistics out of the way, lets look at just how well a security camera system can come in handy. With as many advancements that we have seen in technology, it should only be obvious that video surveillance be roped into that category. The way we record surveillance footage has come quite a long way since the days of recording to tape. Think of DVR. Just like how you use it at home. You can record your favorite shows digitally without the image quality looking lackluster and grainy. It maintains its clarity. It works the same way with surveillance cameras. By using DVR to record security camera footage now, the image quality has drastically risen, and can be recorded for long periods of time without needing to check on it. Say you go out on a vacation and your home is burglarized during your outing. Should you have had a DVR surveillance system recording the entire time, you’ll have the criminals face directly on your screen.

Another great use from most security cameras is the addition of remote viewing and monitoring via an internet connection. By using an internet connection, and should your camera system be hooked up properly, you’ll be able to gain access to a live feed of your entire surveillance system. You’ll be able to switch from camera to camera and see exactly what is going on in your house as it happens. Imagine seeing a burglar coming into your home as you are checking up on your house via the live feed. you can catch them directly in the act, all while recording it by the DVR, and call the cops to apprehend the criminal before he even has the chance to leave.

With all of the advance that have come out with our cameras and camera systems, it almost seems illogical to not get one. More features are continually being added and cameras are only getting smaller and more affordable. If you don’t want to make the long term investment due to uncertainties, renting a system first to see how it “fits” will definitely be the smartest choice.

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The Perfect Way To Prevent Crime At The Gas Station Is With Surveillance

Believe it or not, it wasn’t always the norm, or even considered necessary, to have security camera systems at gas stations. About twenty years ago there was thought to be no need for any type of surveillance systems. Why would there have been? Gas was still cheap. We all remember those days. I even remember when gas was still only around $1 a gallon. Those were the good ol’ days, but alas, all good things must come to an end. As the years have passed, inflation has increased dramatically. Nowadays you are lucky to find gas for $3.00, and if you find it for less than that, it’s like finding a unicorn. Due to the increase in gas prices, crime has become more and more common for gas stations. People robbing the actual stores and people pumping gas and then driving off. Well, there is a way to help.The increase in crime rate at gas stations has not gone unnoticed by gas station owners. They are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of the world and are becoming much more tech savvy. They are getting used to the idea of surveillance systems.

As with any business, think about all the ways that a simple security camera can help out. Take for example an office building. Not the biggest targets for crime due to security or surveillance cameras. Now take the gas station, a much easier target if there is no security and not all of them have surveillance cameras. Now put a security camera system in the gas station. Don’t worry about putting those mirrors in, put an actual system in place.

Before, many cameras would just monitor the outside of the gas station, but more and more owners are putting cameras behind clerks and inside the stores themselves. Robberies are common at gas stations, and they can be terrifying. By placing a CCTV around and inside the actual gas station, you can put some sense of peace in the minds of the employees and yourself. Any type of criminal will be caught in the act, and hopefully people will be able to see the cameras themselves and this will deter criminals from committing the crime in the first place.

So you have the system installed, but why stop there? Implement DVR and remote viewing. You may not be at the gas station tonight, but an employee is and you may want to check up on them from time to time. By having the DVR in place, you will be able to have the live feed from the camera come up on any mobile device or home computer as long as there is a viable internet connection. Always be at your gas station even if you’re not physically there.

The pumps can also be a place where crimes are committed. It’s far from the store. People may not be around. Some thugs take advantage of this. Pump the gas, and run off. This can cost the gas station ridiculous amounts in terms of lost product. It’s what keeps that particular fuel station open. By having cameras by the pumps, you can always monitor and see if anything happens to a customer or if there is a person stealing fuel and not paying. Get the tag number and snatch them up.

Gas stations can be very dangerous places to work, and it is almost a necessity to have a security camera system in the facility now. If you are unsure about buying and want to learn the ropes first, it never hurts to actually just rent before you make the commitment.

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New, Cost Effective Solution for Upgrading To IP Security Cameras

Are you ready to upgrade your current CCTV security cameras to new digital IP cameras, but are finding that the cost to run Ethernet cables on top of replacing those older cameras with new high-quality IP cameras is just too much?  Introducing HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) the newest in IP technology. By utilizing the preexisting coax cable, the HDCVI provides an easy solution: quick installation with minimal disruption to an organization’s operations. This means you won’t have to re-run cabling throughout your entire facility, which preserves the integrity of the building while greatly reducing installation cost.

Businesses must consider installation of IP cameras at their facilities any time it is necessary to capture any kind of high-detail video. This might include the ability to recognize someone’s face, the capacity to capture a license plate number, or any other sensitive location where multiple people or objects must be analyzed from a distance. The fact of the matter is: analog cameras just can’t get the job done anymore. And the proof is all in the video.

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Most consumers are concerned with two things when it comes to security cameras: picture quality and saving money, and with HDCVI you can accomplish both of these things. We can offer 720P picture quality without breaking your budget by using the coax cabling that was previously used for your analog camera system.

These systems come in 4 and 8 channel and cost as little as $600! Need to add additional security cameras? No problem, additional cameras can also be added to your newly upgraded IP camera system.

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Do You Have Lightning Protection Devices For Your Security System?

Did you know that lightning strikes can cause significant damage to surveillance systems? If an unprotected camera is struck by lightning, this can not only kill the camera but also it can damage any of the connected devices, like video recorders or network switches. Indirect lightning strikes are when the electrical current branches off to any obstacles as it traverses its way to the ground. Any unprotected electrical equipment in contact with the surge has a low probability of survival.

A simple and cost effective solution is available to protect your devices from damage due to lightning and power surges. Safeguarding your equipment with power surge protection devices at each camera and video recorder is the only surefire way to save yourself from potential significant expenses in replacements or repair.

Lightning Protection Devices

IP and Analog Surge Protectors

Save your business from unnecessary expenses and possible security hazards due to damaged equipment with a cost-effective IP or Analog Surge Protector.

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Looking To Get A Surveillance System For The Day Care?

Man monitoring cctv cameras in modern control roomThere are some things that we can never change in this world. It’s a sad fact that crime will always exist in our world, but there are some ways that we can help stifle it a bit. We normally turn to surveillance systems and security cameras to turn us away from our suspicions and deter crime from even happening. While all crime is never wanted, there are certain scenarios that we try to keep out of our minds. Our children are our future, or so the saying goes. We always want to protect our children, and we never want to have bad thoughts about them placed in the back of our minds. The fact is that the world isn’t perfect as we know, and sometimes we have to resort to day care centers to help take the load off. But putting the safety and security of your kids into the hands of other people for extended periods of time can be nerve wracking.

When instituting this type of business and looking to keep parents feeling okay about leaving their kids in your care, it helps to let them know their kids are safe. What better way to do that than by utilizing a security camera surveillance system to show that their children are always being properly monitored.

The day care is looked at as a place that is supposed to be positive space for children. There are a multitude of ways to keep that space alive for both the kids and the parents. One of the best ways is through the use of the security camera systems. By using a CCTV system throughout the day care, you can keep parents fears of abduction and other terrible thoughts at bay. By constantly monitoring the kids, it’ll be a lot easier to react accordingly and quickly to a child that may be wandering off or could be put in a situation that could injure the child. Should all of the footage be recorded, that means that it can be reviewed at a later time as well. For as much as surveillance systems are used in homes, stores, and other businesses, it would only make sense to have them involved with the safety of our kids in the day car center.

If the use of the surveillance system isn’t enough already for some parents, then maybe the DVR remote viewing feature could help make you feel a bit better. As long as there is a proper network internet connection, then you’ll be able to gain access to the live video feeds of the monitors in the day care. What the day care sees, you’ll see as well in real time. Not to mention this will also show how the employees at the day care are interacting with your kids. This ensures the safety of your kids and makes sure that the liability remains with the establishment and employees. Always a plus for the parents. Luckily many of the day cares are starting to implement these into their business so we can put a lot of these fears to rest.

Not sure what type of surveillance system is right for you? It never hurts to rent and try before you commit and buy!

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Everything You Need To Know About Aspect Ratios

So, you are looking for a good security camera system, or you are looking to upgrade. You have probably checked out different aspect ratios, and you are probably really confused as to what that even means, and which one is the right choice for you. Let me break a few things down for you, my friend.


Basically, aspect ratio is the width of a video image compared to its height. The most commonly used aspect ratios, and probably the only ones you will ever need to know about, are 4:3 (also known as “full screen”) and 16:9 (also known as “wide screen”).

Pretty much every old TV that we had way back when had the squashed looking 4:3 aspect ration. Monitors like this can display analog video signals, but not HD video.

16:9 is the aspect ratio used by most high definition LCD monitors. It is 78% wider than it is in length, and 1/3 wider than a 4:3 screen. 16:3 widescreen monitors are best for displaying HD video, but most models will display standard definition as well. This is where things get tricky.


So… now that you know what aspect ratio is, which one is best for you? That depends. If you haven’t gathered this already from the first section of the article, most modern displays are going to be widescreen. This means that if you have a camera that has the same aspect ratio, you are going to be utilizing everything and getting the most out of your camera and your monitors.

In my personal opinion, 16:9 works out the best anyway. Not only is it the most modern, but you get a better view of a larger area from side to side. With 4:3, you get a taller picture, but let’s face it, a 30 foot tall man probably isn’t going to be breaking into your business, so I’d say a wider view is going to be more practical.

If you try to use a modern widescreen monitor with a 4:3 camera, you’ll either have to:

- Deal with the annoying black bars on the side of the screen
- Zoom in to fill up the whole screen but cut off a ton of the image from the top and bottom
- Stretch the image to fill the screen, and then you will be viewing things in a very odd way that makes every single person look like a really fat and short cartoon character.

None of this is good.

Basically, when dealing with security cameras, I would say that whichever aspect ratio you choose to go with is fine. The most important thing to be sure of is matching your monitors with whatever aspect ratio your camera is shooting. If you do this, you can’t go wrong either way. Just know that most modern monitors will be 16:9, and it’s always best to have up to date tech.

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Middletown, Ohio Bank Saves A Few Dollars – Loses Priceless Information About Robbery

The video below is from a robbery at a bank’s ATM just a few miles from our office.

Perhaps it’s the closeness of this particular crime that makes us so angry. But in this case our anger goes a little deeper than you might imagine.

You see, the fact that at the time of the robbery that bank did not have a single camera outside the building infuriates us! Sure, like all ATM”s there is a camera inside the machine, but without cameras outside the bank ..so much useful information was lost that could have been used in the suspects apprehension.

Without cameras outside the bank the police  have lost the opportunity to:

- Get a complete visual description of the suspect
- Determine how the suspect arrived at the bank
- Determine if the suspect had any accomplices
- Determine if there were any additional witnesses
- Get a full description of the stolen (getaway) car
- Determine if the victim sustained any injuries
- Determine the direction the suspect fled

Just to name a few.

And to recap why this information was not available: So one of the nation’s top five banks, with over $300 billion in assets, could save a few hundred dollars!

If the victim was my wife, mom, grandmother, sister, or friend, I would be furious that her safety, and the safety of all the bank’s employees and customers, came in a distant second to just a few hundred dollars.

Now, there is another criminal on the loose. And all we have is video taken through two sets of double doors and a lobby, along with the fish eye camera in the ATM, to aid the police in their investigation.

So the next time you walk into a bank, a gas station, or even a thrift sore… and don’t see security cameras outside, ask a manger why not? And whatever excuse you hear, remember that  it really boils down to just a few hundred dollars, and  know that’s the price they are putting on your safety and the safety of your loved ones.


Should you have any information about this robbery contact the Middletown, Ohio Police at 513-425-7700.

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Linksys Offering New IP Surveillance Systems For Small Businesses

Linksys announced back in the beginning of the year an all new security camera range that comes complete with a compatible recording unit. According to the company, this new line of cameras and recording unit is aimed directly at the small businesses of the world, a market that is always in need of high quality security.

According to a recent statement by Vice President of Linksys International Mohammad Hoda, “The introduction of our new IP surveillance camera offerings combined with Linksys Business switches and VPN routers build upon our commitment to deliver high quality and reliable connectivity and security solutions that provide scalable connectivity to meet the growing demands of small businesses. The cameras and network video recorder give small businesses and resellers the tools they need to provide superior security, surveillance and supervision.”

Linksys is offering four different camera varieties that are designed to meet various needs of consumers while still having wide dynamic range (WDR), motion detection and notifications for alarms and events. In addition to that, all of the cameras, aside from the mini dome camera, come with nightvision capabilities. The four different models are:

1080p Indoor Nightvision Dome Camera

  • Wide-Angle View
  • Removable Infrared-Cut Filter
  • MSRP $430

1080p 3MP Outdoor Nightvision Dome Camera

  • Wide-Angle View
  • Removable Infrared-Cut Filter
  • IP67 Weatherproof housing and IK10 Vandal-Resistant Housing
  • MSRP $570

1080p 3MP Outdoor Nightvision Bullet Camera

  • Wide-Angle View
  • Removable Infrared-Cut Filter
  • IP67 Weatherproof and Vandal-Resistant Housing
  • MSRP $570

1080P 3MP Indoor/Outdoor 360 Mini Dome Camera

  • Immervision Panomorph Lens
  • Low-Light Performance with Sony CMOS Sensor
  • IP67Weatherproof Housing and IK10 Vandal-Resistant Housing
  • MSRP $711

The Linksys LNR0208C video recorder is similar to almost every NAS unit while also supporting 2 hot-swappable 3.5″ HDDs of up to 4TB each that can be put into JBOD, RAID1 or RAID0 configurations. In addition to that it also features gigabit Ethernet, 2 eSATA ports and 3 USB 2.0 ports.

Users can have up to 8 simultaneous streams being recorded while video can also be viewed in real time. This recorder also supports remote playback along with offsite monitoring, meaning you can check up on whatever your cameras are surveying whenever and wherever you want. Suggested retail price for the recorder is $711.

Security systems can be a lifesaver for any small business but, as you can tell from this article, prices for these systems can be expensive. CameraSecurityNow.com offers the latest in security camera technology and even offers onsite installation and setup by a trained professional as well as local delivery and local technicians anywhere in the United States as well as parts of Canada and the United Kingdom. Request a quot online at CameraSecurityNow.com or call 877-422-1907 to speak with a security camera expert.