Stabbed With A Screwdriver? Mumbling About Satan?

24 hour fitness

A woman was stabbed at 24 Hour Fitness in Irving. A call was made before the attack about a man walking around the gym in an overcoat and suitcase mumbling and staring ‘at everyone kinda crazy.’ Police asked the gym staff about the man and the gym staff informed police that he was a member. Not long after the man in the overcoat, aka Phillip Roberts, was seen stabbing a woman with screwdriver. A few members reported Roberts mumbling thinks about Satan. Roberts is a homeless man and in jail. When he was asked why he attacked the woman at the gym, he said the woman was playing inside his brain. The poor video below shows the actions described.


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Man Walks Away with ATM Machine


In Chicago a thief was caught on video walking away with an ATM machine from Salerno’s, a popular pizza restaurant in Chicago’s West Town. After watching the thief walking around the entire store searching for valuables and finding nothing in the registers, the thief decides to walk off with a dolly and pry the ATM machine out of the floor. There is no telling how much was in the ATM machine but it could be thousands of dollars.

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Home Surveillance Catches Aaron Hernandez With Gun


In the case of the former New England Patriot, Aaron Hernandez stood in trial yesterday for suspicion of murdering  Odin Lloyd on June 17th 2013.

Prosecutors in Aaron’s case revealed surveillance video inside Odin’s home where Aaron Hernandez walks into the house with the possible murder weapon. The case is still on going and more details will come shortly.

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Do You Have Enough Coverage?

It is typical to believe that having one camera that covers an entire room is all you need to keep your business or home secure, but is that true? What if the area you want to cover is a lobby, a large office space, or even your front porch, will one camera be enough to see what you will need to see in case of an indecent?

A surveillance camera is used to record an event or series of event to help provide the user with all the information they may need. In most cases, those surveillance systems are there to build a case against an employee for stealing, help solve who started a fight with two customers, or even if the UPS man is throwing your packages across your yard. Take for example, the terrible accident of Kristiana Coignard, recently she was shot by a local police officer because she charged at him. The officer claims she had a butchers knife in her hand and ‘I have a gun’ written on her hand. We cannot see a knife in the young girl’s hand and since the video was released, it has brought a lot of attention whether she had a weapon or not. The point here being, if the station had another camera looking from the other side, maybe we could get a better understanding of what happened. The surveillance video is shown below.

What about video coverage in your home? Tulsa police have released security video trying to show a robbery. The problem with this video is we never see a good view of this person’s face. The camera is very close to the door and created a glare. Homes are a little harder to mount cameras and this unfortunate person may have no other option, but you want to make sure you have enough coverage to see every possible scenario. You may need to point out someone’s face or license plate.
We highly recommend each person or business to get plenty of coverage of the areas they want to see. Today it isn’t enough to just catch an action taking place but more, if there is clear evidence showing what happened and who did it.
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Surveillance Video Of Point-Blank Shooting (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Warning: Viewer discretion advised, graphic violence.


Police have revealed shocking and disturbing surveillance video of a man being shot point-blank in the back of the head. The victim was eating in a fast food restaurant in Panama when from behind, a man pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head. No reason is given why the suspect decided to shoot the victim. However, the victim did survive and hospital staff are fighting to keep him alive.




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Caught On Surveillance Video: The Roof Bandits

It is something you would see in a movie, probably featuring Tom Cruise, but yes two suspects broke into an Advance American Check Cashing store through the roof! An employee was opening the store when she was confronted by the two armed suspects. The victim was unharmed and able to report the incident to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office.

roof bandit



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UPS Driver Throws Package And Urinates On House

UPS peeing

Caught on video: A UPS driver decides to throw a package over customer’s fence and then urinate on his house. The package was for Ben Lucas who also had surveillance cameras around his property to see what exactly happened when a package from UPS was shattered. When Ben was interviewed, he mentioned, “I don’t know how UPS trains their employees to go to the bathroom, but probably not someone’s yard.”

Not appreciating the response he got from UPS when he confronted them about the issue, he decided to post the video to their Facebook page for everyone else to see. After seeing the video, a district supervisor apologized to Ben and decided to send him a ‘we’re sorry gift.’


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Officers Prevent Dunkin’ Donuts Robber

Caught on surveillance video: two officers immediately prevent a Dunkin’ Donuts robbery when a masked man walks into the store with a gun. The masked man was 22 year old Russell-Mason Watts. Russell was linked to other robberies in the area including a Family Dollar on January 19th. Dunkin Donuts

Man Attacks Deputy While In Booking

Video surveillance footage was released of a man attacking a deputy while being booked into jail. The man was arrested for robbing a drug store while “dressed like a zebra” as witnesses reported. The man was actually wearing a long black and white coat and a nylon covering on his head. booked29n-2-web

The video can be seen here


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Watch In Reverse To See Citizens Returning Their Loot In Ferguson, Missouri!

This is why you need multiple security cameras and, more importantly, cameras with the ability to capture a good face shot in your store! The police want to catch these perps, but they can’t do it without the help of a reliable and properly placed security camera system.


This video can be pretty depressing, even disturbing. To end on a good note, watch the video in reverse so you can watch law abiding citizens returning stolen items in Ferguson, Missouri!


The way these criminals raided that store, pilfering everything reminds me of a show called The Walking Dead, on AMC. See for yourself:

To see some perps actually getting caught and arrested, being put to justice visit: FIVE FERGUSON LOOTERS ARRESTED After Police Make Store Video Public (VIDEO)

If this you’ve decided to get a quality security system with professional installation after watching this video, we don’t blame you. CAM can help you with any security camera application!