Short List Of Holiday Safety Tips

‘Tis The Season to be jolly: where friends and family come together and spend time exchange gifts and enjoying one another. It is also the time of year where the Grinch likes to take advantage of our holiday cheer. The story of the Grinch provides a lot of insight of what we should expect each holiday season, but how do we protect ourselves from these holiday crashers? We have provided a small list to help you out this year, and hopefully the years to come!


  • 155999658Secure Your Home - Just like the Grinch movie, robbers (Grinches) will sneak into your home and steal what they can. In the winter, we see longer nights and a lot of us don’t come home from work until nightfall. Home invaders will use the extra nighttime to grab what they can before you even arrive home. Make sure you lock the doors before leaving your house, no matter how long you’ll be gone. And, if you haven’t done so, lock your windows for the winter season.
  • Hide The Evidence - If you receive large, wanted items, make sure you break down the boxes to fit in the garbage can. These items are like TV’s and stereo equipment, anything with a large box that doesn’t fit in the garbage can. On your next trash day, those Grinches will be investigating your trash for things they can pick up later.


  • Turn The Lights Off - It is believed that if you leave a couple lights on in your house, you can deter home invaders, however, leaving lights on in the house, allow home invaders to see inside your home and window shop. The best alternative to this solution would be to use your porch lights to light up the outside of the house and keep the inside hidden. Hiding the inside will hide your expensive toys and the outside lights will expose any home invaders trying to sneak in.


The holiday season is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, but there are those who search out taking others enjoyable season and benefit from taking our holiday cheer. Prepare yourself for these situations to help prevent any accidents from happening in the future. And keep your eyes peeled for Grinches and Scrooges!

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Tips & Tricks To Preventing Bar Fights And Theft

Bar owners can only be in so many places at one time when they’re overseeing their establishment, so what about having eyes in all of the other places? It really does help to have a security camera system set up in order to keep track of everything else that’s happening within the club.

Bar Fights


Think of what all happens within the bar itself. First and foremost are the drinks. Plenty of alcohol, which enjoyed in moderation, is never a bad thing. There are some out there who haven’t quite grasped the concept of moderation and because of that, they can quickly become problems. You don’t want to have any liability when you’re a bar owner. Should there be a bar fight that breaks out, you need to make sure you have standing evidence that supports your case and shows that your bartenders weren’t responsible, thus making you responsible. This is honestly the case for any place that serves beer or other alcohol. For example, even restaurants like Applebee’s could be liable for “bar fights” if there isn’t any type of security camera footage supporting their case.

Security camera systems have been known to even cut down on bar fights and crimes in general as well. If you’re a bar patron and you’re a little heated, you are probably less likely to get into a fight or cause trouble if you’re on camera. Why? Well you wouldn’t want to have trouble with the cops would you?

Employee Theft


It’s not just about potential fights however. Think about how much employee theft is out there. As the owner of your business, keeping an eye on your profits and products is a big deal. There is always a lot of traffic by the bars and it can be hard to view just how much money is going in and out of the register. As the owner, you want to make sure that your business and employees are operating appropriately and efficiently. Should any money come up short on one of the registers, all you need do is consult the security camera footage and see exactly when and why it happened.


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The Dance Floor

The dance floor can also be a place where security concerns begin to arise. Again, when people get more drunk, they become more volatile and harder to manage. When people are trying to dance on the dance floor and a someone doesn’t like someone dancing with someone else or someone is causing trouble for the other patrons, having the security feeds on hand with someone always watching during peak hours means that you can send someone out to take care of the problem before it becomes more of an issue.


Live Music

When live bands play bars, they want to know that their gear is safe within your business. They may be providing live music, by they’re also guests as well. You’re main goal for getting and keeping guests happy, is placing them in an environment where they feel safe while they enjoy their time. A band is going to be a lot happier knowing that they don’t have to worry about their gear getting stolen from you bar since there are security cameras watching everything. They may even be more inclined to by a drink as well.


So if you’re thinking about “bumping up security” at your bar, restaurant, or dance club, make sure you do it with a brand new security camera system.

Winston-Salem PD Buys 623 Body-Worn Cameras, Taser Shares Soar

Last week, the Winston-Salem police department ordered more than 600 body cameras from Taser which resulted in the companies share price going up by 6%. They ordered 623 AXON body-worn cameras, to be exact. Taser is a company that makes all kinds of safety gear, including body cameras. The Winston-Salem police department already ordered 293 in a previous order back in July, so they obviously have confidence in Taser and the AXON cameras.

axon bodycam

In case it’s not obvious, body-worn cameras are “the next big thing” in the aftermath of the huge protests in Ferguson, Missouri that broke after the shooting of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson. Protests not only engulfed Ferguson and it’s surrounding communities, but dozens of cities across the entire nation,  after a grand jury declined to indict Wilson last week.

As they say, “every cloud has a silver lining” and Taser’s shares have been skyrocketing ever since the incident. I’m sure politicians, police, and the citizenry alike, are seeing the potential benefit of the body-worn cameras. The perception of police brutality is becoming a huge problem in America. Not only that, but blaming police for things that they either didn’t do, or couldn’t help, is also becoming an even bigger problem. By employing the use of body cameras that have to be worn by officers at all times, this will put an end to all of that.

In the past month, Taser’s shares have went up more than 40%. This  trend of police body-warn cameras could honestly be a huge, life changing, product for everyone in America. Body cameras have the potential to help keep police officers on their best behavior and help save the lives of police officers who are wrongfully accused. It is a winning situation for every single person in this country. Hopefully, more police departments follow.

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Digital Ally Developing Glasses-Mounted Bullet Camera For Police Officers

Digital Ally, Inc. is responsible for the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced video surveillance products specifically for law enforcement, homeland security and commercial applications and, a couple of months ago, announced that it would introduce a bullet camera option for its FirstVu HD officer-worn video system.

According to a statement from CEO of Digital Ally Stanton E. Ross, “While the wide-angle lens of our torso-mounted camera allows for a comprehensive view of an incident, the bullet camera provides greater insight into where an officer was specifically looking during events in the field. In this respect, the bullet camera is similar to our FirstVu HD’s helmet mount, but it can be attached to a pair of glasses or an officer’s hat.”

Ross went on to say, “The new bullet camera provides another option in the extensive array of possible mounting locations for our FirstVu HD body camera system, which will now be able to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies regardless of their specific body-worn camera policies. Our bullet camera is smaller and lighter than other eyeglass-mounted options currently on the market and is therefore more comfortable to wear.”

“The bullet camera also works with our patented VuLink connectivity device,” Ross continued, “which allows hands-free activation for the body camera system, thereby enhancing the safety of officers in the field and eliminating distractions that can result from having to manually turn on some of our competitors’ body cameras.”

In closing, Ross noted, “Currently, over 1,300 law enforcement agencies/departments are either using or evaluating our FirstVu HD body camera system. We firmly believe that state, county and city police departments should consider the value proposition of the FirstVu HD system, and our other video solutions, as part of their due diligence regarding options available in the marketplace.”

Specifications of the bullet camera include:

  • 130º wide-angle field of view
  • Ability to capture Officer’s field of view
  • .08 Lux low-light sensitivity
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) recording
  • 720p HD resolution
  • Advanced H.264 compression

Digital Ally’s FirstVu HD is currently the most technically advanced officer-worn body camera system on the market and has features that include:

  • Turns on automatically with emergency lights in cruiser
  • Eliminates distractions with having to manually turn on camera
  • Can activate in-car video system within a 200-foot range
  • Longer pre-event recording time
  • Rechargeable battery with 2.5 day lifespan
  • User replaceable battery
  • Larger memory for increased recording
  • Cloud and local storage
  • Free app to add notes, GPS and event tagging, incident recordings, ability to display live view or playback recordings, secure access to camera controls, etc…

Cameras are paramount in a lot of legal disputes as they are the perfect eye witness. Cameras are mounted in police cruisers for recording things like traffic stops and other incidents and are used as evidence frequently. A body-mounted or glasses-mounted bullet camera allows for more evidence to be gathered, especially if an officer has to step away from his cruiser. This could also be paramount in cases such as the one in Ferguson, Missouri where there are two very different sides to events that unfolded.

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Hacked Security Cameras And Baby Monitors

If you own a webcam, baby monitor, or even a home security camera, you may need to change your password. A website has been discovered, exposing live feeds of hundreds of thousands of camera using the default usernames and passwords. This can create many privacy issues when your camera is in your home watching a young child.

The best defense against these attacks is simply, change your password to a more secure password. A more secure password does not guarantee that your surveillance system could not be hacked, however, it makes it much harder on the person doing the hacking. Virtual and physical thieves and intruders will move on if breaking into your home, computer, camera, or even phone takes too much time.

How do you make a more secure password? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out our blog post about how to create a secure password. 

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Audio Surveillance – Beginner’s Guide

Audio Surveillance is an option to consider when purchasing a surveillance system and can be a great tool in legal disputes. However, there are a few laws, locally and nationally, to consider when purchasing a surveillance system with an audio option. Laws aside, a microphone can allow business owners and operators a significant tool to keep their business, employees, and customers safe. But what are the law for audio surveillance? Can you have audio capability anywhere you want? Can you use it with your current system?  And how do you know if you need an audio option?

We do urge that you consult your local government for audio surveillance details in your area.

Audio Surveillance Laws And Regulation

When we are discussing audio surveillance, we are talking about a surveillance camera with a microphone built in or an external microphone attached to a surveillance system. These types of systems have a few laws to help protect an individual or group of individuals’ privacy.

Audio surveillance laws vary from state to state but all have the same basic guidelines to follow. Depending on your state, if you wish to record a person to person conversation, you will need the consent of either one or all parties involved in the communication. Most states allow recording with the consent of one party but states like California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington require the consent of all party members included in the conversation.

These laws apply to private areas where the parties involved expect privacy. These include, but not limited to, bathrooms, changing rooms, bedrooms, and closets. Public places such as, retail stores, restaurants, or shopping malls allow the freedom to record audio without consent. With these two extremes, there is a question of office buildings or spaces and if it is legal to record audio with employee conversations with each other or with customers. This again depends on the state where you would like to record that audio. For prevent liability, having employees sign a consent form stating that they are under recorded and video surveillance could help prevent any issues. If you reside in a state where a consent form is required of all parties involved, legally you are not allowed to record a person to person conversation between an employee and customer. Recording that conversation could be dismissed in court, depending on the state the recording took place.

Audio Capability

There are many ways to install audio to your surveillance system. Whether or not you are working with an existing surveillance system, or thinking about purchasing a new system, there are a couple ways to add audio. A lot of surveillance systems today have cameras with built in audio options. These cameras can range from 1 megapixel to even 3 or 5 megapixel cameras. If you already have a surveillance system and want to add audio, you can find a compatible mic to attach to your surveillance system or create an audio system that just collects the audio separate from the video of your surveillance system. Depending on your network speeds and bandwidth, some people prefer the separate microphone option.

Do You Need Audio Surveillance

Audio surveillance, comes with a lot of perks, one being to have a recording of an incident in question and being able to get the full story without relying on someone else’s word over another. If you are looking to add audio to your home, just keep in mind the security risks if someone were able to hack into your surveillance system. This is always the risk with any form of technology.  If you are wanting to add audio to a business, you should consider two variables, the type of business and your employees. Certain businesses should not have audio to protect customers and employees. A bank or doctors office may want to think more on audio capability to protect their customer’s personal information. Businesses with verbal deals and communications, for example, a car dealership, can benefit from audio surveillance.

You also want to keep in mind of your employees. Is it in their best interest to keep them on constant audio surveillance? Will your employees be comfortable with audio surveillance? If an audio application is best fit for you and your employee’s needs and security, each employee should sign a consent form showing they are aware of the audio device and its purpose.

Closing Thoughts

Audio surveillance is a great tool for many applications and can be very useful for business owners and managers. Audio surveillance and video surveillance allows business owners and managers the capability to understand and observe an incident or series of incidents without any outside information from the parties involved. A video surveillance system alone is a great investment for any size business, but adding audio can increase your investments value.

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***The information provided in this blog post  is provided for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.***

People Could Be Watching You If Your Cameras Are Not Password Protected

If you haven’t been making the conscious effort to check your security cameras on a regular basis, chances are that someone else has taken it upon themselves to do it for you… in a bad way.

Your privacy could be at risk, and it’s not because of some new hack or malware that has come out. Many people are at risk just because they don’t change the settings when they connect their camera to the internet. This is the case for home security systems and corporate security systems. They all use a pretty generic IP address and unsafe websites from the start, and all you need to gain access is the username. And I hate to tell you, but the username is almost always “admin” until you change it yourself. It’s kind of like when you first buy a new router for your Wi-Fi connection.

There are actually a few websites that have lists of all of the open webcams all over the world. has a list of over 73,000 webcams across the world that are completely open for anyone to do with what they wish. The website doesn’t even include laptop webcams or any type of computer or USB webcam, it is literally just completely open security cameras. That should tell you right there how vulnerable you really could be. The idea behind the site is to remind you how important it is to change your settings and your password. It seems a little bit extreme that they would expose every single camera across the world, and it also seems like they are trying to do more harm than good. But, at the same time, people need to understand the cold hard truth about how serious it is.

There are also ways that you can do a simple Google search and find open webcams. Anyone can do it. If you have ever felt uneasy or that someone may be watching you, you could be right! If you haven’t checked out your security camera settings for a while then you should probably just check and make sure that everything is secure and password protected.

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Important! Change Your Default Password

Is any password a a good password? Does a default password still provide a comfortable amount of security? The quick answer is an absolute, no. You should never keep the default password on any device you have because each default password is easily discovered just by a simple search. So you want to change your password, but what password should you pick and why?

Why Change Your Password

Keeping your default password on your surveillance system or another device keeps you vulnerable to a virtual invasion. For example, there are multiple websites that know the default passwords to certain surveillance devices and stream live videos of all someones cameras across the internet. Some locations can be harmless like the lobby of a restaurant, but other devices are located in bedrooms and watching newborns in their crib. Some of the websites found show a longitude and latitude of signal and can expose your home.

How To Create A Better Password

Some people believe making a secure password means they have to make a password even they couldn’t remember. When in reality, that makes someone less secure. If you can’t remember your own password, you write it down or save it on a word file on your desktop. Suddenly, someone comes across your list of passwords and uses them to their advantage.  So What makes a good password that is secure and easy to use? Here are a few tips to help secure your surveillance system and other devices.

  1. Make Your Password At Least 10 Characters Long: Most websites recommend 8 characters when the U.S. government has been recommending 15 character passwords for years. Most of us my sigh at the thought of a 15 character password but it isn’t as hard as you think. One suggestion is to make a 15 word phrase. For example, “I graduated in 2010 with my Bachelors in science from the University of Chicago”. That phrase would make a 14 character password, Igi2wmBisftUfC.
  2. Don’t Use Whole Words: Using whole words, or names, can easily be guessed especially if you have a security question to help remember your password. There is even software out there that helps guess passwords with the use of dictionary words and numbers.
  3. Don’t Use One Password: Using the same password for each account, device, and secure question will open yourself up for an invasion of privacy and even robbery. Use different passwords for different accounts to help keep yourself more secure.

Closing Thoughts

Some devices don’t need a password even the NSA couldn’t figure out, for example, your kid’s IPad who plays Angry Birds. You do how ever need to keep those devices that are used or store private and sensitive information secure. Your home surveillance system and your computer are the first things you should have secured with your own password immediately.

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Security Cameras in your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Watch

It’s not uncommon to see security camera systems on city blocks and at traffic signals. We see them in homes and businesses as well. There’s one place you might not expect to see them, you’re very own neighborhood. No, I’m not talking about seeing them on certain houses. I’m talking about actually seeing them on your neighborhood streets and light posts. Does it give you the creeps that someone might be watching your every move in your neighborhood? Security cameras are definitely giving new meaning to the term, “neighborhood watch”, that’s for sure.

Are security cameras helping, or hurting neighborhoods. That depends on your point of view.

Why Do Neighborhoods install  security cameras?

Why do neighborhoods have security cameras installed? For safety and security. Having a sense of safety in a business is a very big deal for employees. Having that same sense of safety in the neighborhood is very important to its residents.

99  times out or 100  your neighborhood doesn’t need a security camera system. Neighborhoods are generally safe. For added security to property, family and visitors a security camera is a good choice. Fact is when security cameras are present, crime declines. Vandalism and theft are big concerns. Having these cameras in place helps give a sense of ease, safety, and comfort.

Privacy Concerns

This issue might be the biggest concern of all for the residents of the neighborhood. Residents want to feel protected without having their privacy invaded. Residents are not going to want to have cameras pointed directly into their homes. Cameras should only be placed on streets or neighborhood parks. Any place that could be considered public property could have a camera installed. If a camera is installed to view a particular part of a neighborhood, but ends up invading residential privacy the camera should be pointed away from the private property.

Keeping neighborhood areas under surveillance shouldn’t mean that privacy gets put at risk. Cameras are installed to keep people save by monitoring areas for vandalism and other types of criminal activity.  You want to feel safe in your own neighborhood, security cameras should be considered.

Hide Spare Keys From Burglars

We all know the basic key hiding routines of hiding it under the door mat, taped inside the mailbox, under flowerpots and rocks, or even hiding them in fake rocks. Unfortunately, this is a trick that every home invader knows all too well and creates a dangerous situation for you.  We all should hide a spare key around in case we lock ourselves out of the house, or even in case a family member needs inside while you are not home. But how can you keep your home safe and still have an easily accessible spare key for your home? We will discuss new alternatives to hiding your spare key.

Get To Know The Neighbors

Everyone enjoys nice and respectful neighbors and some of us are very social with our neighbors. If you feel like you have a neighbor you can trust, ask if they will hold onto a spare key for you. This does add the risk of others having access to your home so make sure you are wise on your choice of neighbor. Also, if you do have friends, neighbors, or family with your spare keys, keep the pool of trusted people small to prevent issues with trust.

Try Underground 

Another alternative to hide a spare key is to hide it in a pill bottle and bury it a couple inches underground in an easy access location. You will want to hide the container a couple of inches underground, easy enough to dig out, but not noticeable to home invaders. Some people glue rocks, pine cones, or other natural debris on top of the pill bottle to make it easier to find and pull out of the ground.

Use Your Car

The most genius method of hiding your spare key involves using your car. You don’t want to keep a spare key in your car because if someone breaks into your car, they can break into your home. But you can use the license plate to hide the spare key behind. It is pretty simple, you’ll just need to have a key with a key hole big enough to put a screw in. Remove a couple of screws that hold your license plate, put the key behind the screw hole and screw the license plate and key to your car.

Closing Thoughts

We have all locked ourselves out of the house and realize we should have an easy access to a spare key, then we consider climbing in through the window. But we want to make sure our homes are still secure with a spare key out and available somewhere. Keeping your spare key available to only trustworthy people will help keep security at a high and your risk at a minimum.

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