Cruise Ships Are A Great Vacation Spot, As Well As A Great Surveillance Spot!

177442403Isn’t time that you took a vacation? There are plenty of different getaway spots out there. You have the typical Cancun, Panama City, and anywhere in Florida type vacations, but what about something a bit more luxurious. What about a cruise ship? These gigantic floating cities are exactly that; floating cities. Expect ticket prices for these types of vacations to be a bit expensive as they are considered to be so “fancy”. These vacation spots can be a bit dangerous though. No, I’m not talking about the “lookout! an iceberg!” type of dangerous. I mean, these are big ships and need to be monitored accordingly. There are many areas to cover and a lot to look out for, so what can you use aside from standard security guards?

The answer is simple; A security camera system.

It’s A Big Ship

If you’ve ever seen a cruise ship, then you know one thing; they are HUGE. There are plenty of areas and small spaces on the cruise ships that could easily have bad things happen. Since this is the case, it’s best to have as many areas monitored as possible. Unfortunately, there are only so many security guards that can be in so many places at the same time. The best way to take care of the unmonitored zones is through the use of security cameras. There are literally, so many rooms that need to be monitored constantly. Places like the casinos, the gyms, the pool deck, and more need to have a constant stream of surveillance back to security. This way, should something detrimental happen, security personnel can respond accordingly.


When you install a security camera system, your goal is to make your customers and personnel feel more secure. The cruise ship company is liable for all of the passengers on the ship. Whether they be passengers or workers, the company is still responsible for those people. When a security camera system is in place, you are cutting down on the crime rate. End of story. No matter if it be a cruise ship, a factory, a farm or whatever. A surveillance system is going to cut down on the crime rate by quite a bit. Vandals will be much less likely to commit a crime if they know that they’re being monitored. The cruise ship could be liable for accidents and missing person on the ship as well. By having the security footage monitored and recorded, there will be visual evidence showing that the ship is liable or not. Has Security Cameras And Installers Nationwide Contact Us Today At 800-736-8772


Camera security systems are very beneficial, but they’re not fool proof. They can be tampered with if not set up properly or placed in secure locations. Vandals can easily mess with, or even break cameras. Then there is the matter of privacy on the ship. It’s completely reasonable to place the security cameras in places such as the main deck, restaurants, and casinos. Placing them inside the cabins or the bathrooms however would be an invasion of the passengers privacy. Also, if the cameras are wireless an power gets interrupted some how, then the camera feeds could become corrupted.

Everyone wants to take a vacation and feel like everything is okay while they’re enjoying themselves. A cruise ship is a big place where are lot of fun can be had, but at the same time have things go wrong. When you’re out on the water, it’s a bit more difficult to get police out to the middle of the ocean. Keep everyone feeling safe on your next cruise ship vacation and keep the crime under control by installing a security camera system today.


Expanding Security In Your City

In Charleroi PA, police officials are adding more cameras around town to help protect their citizens. More details can be seen in the article listed below.

Adding cameras across town is a great way to help protect citizens. Most criminals do not want to get caught and will avoid doing anything where they can see a surveillance camera. Even if it doesn’t prevent every criminal act, the police department will now have a recorded file that they can access to help persecute criminals for their crimes.

Added cameras also saves tax payers money. Adding cameras is a lot cheaper then hiring more officers to patrol the streets. Eventually, the officer’s salary will pay for the camera system.

For more details see here: Charleroi Announces Plans To Expand Video Surveillance 

Look At The Birdy! Thief Looks Directly At Security Camera Leading To Arrest

116332408In today’s addition of “How Stupid Can You Be?” I bring you the story of  21-year old Brandon Nelms who was taken into custody and charged with one count of level 6 felony in Indianapolis, Indiana. To be more specific, Nelms was arrested for stealing a FedEx package from a porch. The kicker here is that Nelms was arrested after surveillance footage of him stealing the package was discovered by Police with the money shot being the fact that Nelms looked DIRECTLY INTO THE CAMERA!The victim was one Daniel Dillion, who had purchased a pair of $300 diamond earrings for his wife. When Dillion never received his package and looked online to see that the status was Delivered he immediately checked his security camera footage, which showed Nelms jumping the fence and taking the package. Nelms then opened the package, saw the earrings and took them but not before looking directly into Dillion’s high-quality security camera. What’s even worse is that people were home at the time of the robbery. “My wife and mother-in-law were in the backyard with our four dogs when this happened,” Dillion added. “I felt very violated.”

Dillion then shared the footage on Facebook, which received more than 3,000 hits in a single day. In addition to that, many people commented saying that they were also victims of this same criminal. What’s even better is that when Police Officer Larry Craciunoiu viewed the footage he said he recognized Nelms. “He’s been known in the past to be involved in burglaries, thefts and other criminal activities,” Craciunoiu stated. “I have a pretty good working knowledge of him.”

This is just one out of countless stories of home surveillance systems assisting home owners that have been victims of theft or property damage. Home surveillance systems used to be a thing reserved for the rich and privileged. People like Paris Hilton could only afford high-tech surveillance systems for their homes but things have changed. While you may not catch anything exciting enough to make The Bling Ring movie you should still protect yourself.

With camera technology becoming cheaper and systems becoming increasingly easy to use and install, home surveillance systems are becoming more and more common in the homes of the Average Joe American. If the above story about the ever-so-intelligent Brandon Nelms isn’t enough to convince you then maybe you need some more reasons for getting a home surveillance system.

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Protection from Home Invasion and Burglary

While having a video surveillance system in your home doesn’t physically stop people from breaking into your home or stealing packages from your porch it does provide you with a detailed visual account of the crimes, allowing you to better take account for what was stolen and who stole it. In addition to that, statistics have proven that 9 out of 10 criminals who approach a target house and notice security cameras will be deterred from that house and move onto another target. Trust me, it’s science.

Baby / Child Monitoring

Home surveillance systems are also good for monitoring children when you have to step into the other room. In addition to that, they are also good for keeping an eye on babysitters, ensuring they are not being negligent or abusive. I know that sounds extreme but it does happen, sadly.

Monitoring a Bedridden Loved One

If you are one of those saints of a person who takes care of a bedridden loved one then God bless you. But, as we all know, you are only human which means you can’t possibly be constantly on hand. Having a home surveillance system that monitors this loved one is a great solution as it allows you to monitor them anywhere in the house or if you are away and you want to be certain that everything is in good hands when you’re gone.

Lawsuit Prevention

Sadly, it has become all too easy to sue someone in our society. I mean if happen to look at someone the wrong way you could be sued and your life ruined. Having a home surveillance system prevents lawsuit fraud at your home in the same way it does at a business. With clear cut video surveillance it’s hard to argue the facts.

If you won’t listen to me then listen to Daniel Dillions. He had a home surveillance system and not only did it help catch the criminal that robbed him but it also helped the countless other victims that Nelms took advantage of. Like I said, home surveillance cameras aren’t only for the rich anymore and nothing is more important than the safety and security of your home and your family.

Prisons And Security Camera Systems Go Hand In Hand

prison camThere are some things in life that just seem so obvious, you don’t even stop to think about it. When you buy something, you hand the person a form of payment. When you see a green light at an intersection, you hit the gas pedal. Again, things so obvious you just don’t think about it and expect them to go that way. It’s the same way with correctional facilities. They’re places that house very dangerous people, so you would automatically associate them with security. They’re locked up for a reason right? The only thing is that there might not be as much surveillance in these places as you may think.

Why Would You Need The Upgrade?

Prisons are essentially places of very, or sometimes not very, organized chaos. When you take the time to actually sit and think about all of the inmates and their potential reasons for being behind bars, your mind can take you to some pretty crazy places. While some penitentiaries may be organized, there are still incidents that occur, unfortunately. There can be inmate violence, drug usage, and even foul play and mistreatment from the staff of the prisons. Many of the correctional facilities have older security camera equipment, and because of this, security and proper monitoring might not be at the level that it could be at. That, and there’s never a bad time to get an upgrade. There are many benefits that come with upgrading your CCTV system as well.

What Those Upgrades Could Bring You

When you’re dealing with the thought of upgrading your surveillance levels in a prison, you have to take into consideration that these inmates are here for a reason. Upgrading your security camera systems can greatly improve the overall safety of everyone in the prison, including the inmates. Some of these inmates can be very violent, and need to be monitored constantly. The security guards on staff can’t be in every place at one time. By just adding more cameras, you’re gaining much more coverage of the entire building, including the inmates. This will also help keep the prisoners in line. There is still punishment in correctional facilities, should something happen. Inmates will be much less likely to act up or get rowdy if they know they are being monitored. They won’t want to be punished and you will help maintain order within the facility.

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Few Risks

While adding more cameras to your surveillance system can greatly help the overall security coverage of the prison, it can leave them vulnerable to tampering or vandalism. You have to remember that the guards can’t be in two places at once, so they can’t always keep their eyes on the inmates themselves. Some prisoners will be tempted to act up and if the guard isn’t near and they have a way to get to a camera, they will tamper with it. This is something that needs to be addressed, that and the fact that the cameras are still just cameras. By this I mean that they are just there to monitor and keep watch. They shouldn’t be the sole measure of security, but used in conjunction with the guards, alarms and other security measures.

These places can be very dangerous as they are filled with criminals of all types. Being locked up for whatever amount of time they’ve been given can really give them time to think and plan. Make sure that you stay one step ahead by improving your surveillance equipment. Help protect your facility, your staff, and the inmates as well.


The Wireless Bullet Camera Could Add More Than You Think To Your Camera Security System

452503979No matter where your place of business may be, we can all agree that keeping it secure is a big deal. We want our products, customers, and employees to be and feel secure. When a security camera system is in place, it can help in more ways than one. Whether it’s at the gym, on the farm, or even in the office, a surveillance system can help deter thieves and vandals alike. Having different types of cameras and components to your surveillance system can do nothing but help make everything more secure. Having everything you need to be properly monitored is a big deal, so why be held down by wires? Have you considered a wireless bullet camera?

Go Wireless

Keeping wired cameras in your surveillance system is always a good idea. Never go without them. That being said, since they are wired, there are limits to where they can be placed; not to mention that if you want to place them in a particularly hard to reach spot, you’re going to have to feed the wires through the walls, which can get very expensive. Hiding the wires so that vandals can’t tamper with them can be expensive but necessary at times. With the wireless bullet camera, you don’t have to worry about the length of the wire. You only need to worry about the strength of your internet connection. Since you’re dealing with a bullet camera, you’re also dealing with a camera that is suited to go into those hard to reach places comfortably which is perfect for hiding the cameras in plain sight and keeping them out of the reach of vandals.

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That Internet Connection Upgrade Will Be Worth It

While these cameras are wireless and can be placed virtually anywhere, they still need to have a proper connection in order to function properly. For example, should you be placing a new surveillance system in a marina, then you’re going to want to utilize wireless bullet cameras. The internet connection out at the marina needs to be good though. Since these are wireless cameras, the video feed isn’t directly plugged into the monitoring system. The feed is being wirelessly transmitted to the DVR, which means that the internet connection is the lifeblood to ensuring that the feed is properly recorded and saved to the DVR. If something were to happen to the connection, then the cameras could be rendered ineffective.

More Than Just A Regular Bullet Camera

Almost all bullet cameras are made with IR lights built into them. This includes the wireless bullet cameras. They can also be IR, not to mention the fact that they can have their feeds accessed remotely because of the wirelessly transmitted feeds. These cameras have to be set up via an internet connection in order to have their feeds stored. Because of this, these feeds can be viewed live remotely as well. As long as there is a proper internet connection, then these cameras can be viewed remotely, which is perfect if you’re not at your place of business.

Any camera, no matter the type, is going to be essential in a practical surveillance system. If you expand your camera types out to include wireless bullet cameras, you’re ensuring that you are properly monitoring every area that needs to be monitored. You need to make sure that you see everything that you need to, and a wireless bullet camera will definitely help with that.

Factories Are A Bigger Target For Theft Than You Think

factoryOne place you may not think about when you think about theft is the source. You might think of a typical store or a bank being stolen from. You’re thinking of the finished products being the prime target for the criminals. That’s not always the case. There are plenty of situations where a thief or vandal might go for something a bit more raw to steal. Money is always the goal, so a thief may just go for the cash register, or they may take a route you’re not familiar with. Why not go directly to the source of all products and take the materials? I’m talking about a factory. Even factories have their own share of robberies and thefts. This is why a security camera system would be a huge investment.

Invest For A Reason

If you own a factory, then you know that you have a lot of materials that need to be watched over. Materials can cost quite the pretty penny and you don’t want to have to deal with theft when you have a factory and workers to look after as well. Deter the thieves then! By placing a security camera system around the facility in plain view, you can help deter unwanted guests. A criminal is much less likely to perform said crime if they know that they’re being monitored. You’ll also be able to keep an eye on your workers with the camera system. You have a lot of workers in a factory, and there will be a lot of heavy machinery in the facility. Accidents have happened, but you can help prevent them by have the cameras monitor well known danger zones. You can catch and deter criminals, help with factory safety, and even monitor employee theft.

Watch Even When You’re Not There

One of the best parts about the current camera technology that we have today is the addition of remote viewing. Thanks to the power of the internet connections that we all use everyday, many of the security feeds that we see can be transmitted to the internet with the help of a DVR. This means that you can still monitor your camera feeds even if you’re not at the facility itself. Should there be an accident at work and you’re not there, you can still just jump on the closest internet connection that you can get and see exactly whats going on. It’s like being there without being there, and it can help out tremendously in the long run.

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Be Aware Of The Risks

While I personally feel that the benefits greatly outweigh the risks in terms of the use of a security camera system, there can also be risks when using them. There is always the risk of the cameras being damaged in some way. Whether it be from vandalism or just from the dangerous work areas of the factory, they can be damaged. You also need to make sure that the workers are monitored, but not to the point that it becomes and invasion of their privacy. Then there’s the concern of there being a possible power outage or short circuiting problem. Something like that can interrupt the feed of the cameras and cause them to malfunction and/or the footage to become corrupted. At that point, your facility could be susceptible to theft and vandalism.

A factory isn’t a place that has an “easy job”. These places are full of hardworking men and women you need to be protected. A factory is also full of plenty of raw materials that you need to make the products that you have been designated to make. Make sure that all of your inventory and personnel remain safe guarded with a proper surveillance system.


DropCam Is Making Security Inexpensive

dropcam feedIf you are like me, you are probably intimidated by things that you don’t understand, even though you don’t want to admit it. You also probably want to save as much money as possible while operating your business. To the average person, everything that goes into setting up a security system can be pretty intimidating. There is so much setup required for the cameras, the software, the security company, the list goes on and on.

Greg Duffy had a great idea one day when he was trying to figure out a way to see which dog in his neighborhood was doing its business on his lawn. He realized how difficult security camera setups were and wanted to create something that was super easy to install and use. He and his buddy Aamir Virani got to work on making this vision come to life.

With DropCam’s new technology you can get a really nice surveillance system for not a lot of money. Not only that, but there is basically no setup involved at all. The cameras are completely plug-and-play, and they are ready to go right after you plug them in and connect them to your Wi-Fi.

The idea and the products are so good that they are going to be used by Google’s Nest Labs after making a $555 million dollar deal. It is now looking like DropCam is going to dominate the security camera market after making this big move.

Not only are the cameras easy to set up and use, but they come with a ton of really great features. One awesome thing is that they can be controlled and monitored from any location, no matter where you are in the world. You can sign up for a subscription, and this lets you record all the video to the cloud and access it any time you want to with your password. You can view it on computers, tablets, smartphones, basically whatever you have.

dropcamThe cameras also have night vision and are built in. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Although this sounds like one of the best options for surveillance, there are a few things that you should think about before you dive in. Unlike other security systems, these cameras are not monitored by a security company that could easily and quickly call the cops for you if something bad is going on. There is also no alarm attached to the system to alert the authorities if there is a breakin, so you’d have to get that handled separately.

Even if you don’t go this route for your main surveillance system, it is a really great idea to use security cameras as a way to keep an eye on employees, or even use them in a retail setting to learn more about your customers and what sections of your store they visit most. Learning more about your customers means better business tactics and more money.

No matter what you use them for, it is clear that DropCam can be very useful in almost any setting. Even Google thinks so.

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All Hands On Deck! Protect The Marina With A Security Camera System!

marinaHow many of you like to go fishing? I’m a big fan myself, but have never gone deep sea fishing. You know, the kind that requires a pretty big sized boat? These types of fishing boats are not cheap. Well, I suppose just about any boat isn’t cheap. You can usually find these sea vessels docked at marinas across many a coastline across the world. These particular areas of business have a lot more going on than fishing normally. You can find restaurants and gift shops located by or on the marinas as well. Not to mention the bait shops that could be located there. There’s a lot of business being conducted here. This is a prime location for a security camera system.

Loss And Theft Prevention

Boats, as I stated before, are VERY expensive. They can be expensive to rent, and even more so to own outright. Should you own a boat and keep it docked at a marina, you want to make sure that your belongings are always kept safe. A boat is a large object to just steal, but you’d be surprised as how many people can do it. By placing a series of IP cameras within the marina, you are giving your guests a lot more peace of mind by showing that the docks are constantly monitored. The shops will thank you as well. It could be easy to just grab a thing of night crawlers or even a candy bar, but that can add up quickly in the loss of sales. Make sure that the customers know that their belongings are safe, but also let them know that the belongings of the shops are safe as well.

Liabilities and Manuverability

Wouldn’t you think that it’d be next to impossible to properly equip a security camera system through out a marina? Well thanks to modern technology, you really don’t have to worry about it. WiFi is a beautiful thing after all. Many of the IP cameras that are set up through CCTV networks are able to transmit live video feeds and record directly to a DVR system wirelessly. This will help out big time when setting up the camera system. Just by having a system of wireless IP cameras, you can place these just about anywhere you need to in order to make sure that everything is being properly monitored. With the constant live stream and DVR recording footage, you ensure that liabilities are kept in order too. Should there be an accident by the shipyard, you can easily find out who is at fault.

Be Aware Of The Threats

Vandalism happens everywhere. It can be easier than you think for a thug to just come along and disable your cameras. They can throw rocks, bottles, or even spray paint the cameras, making them useless to you. Make sure that the cameras aren’t used solely by themselves, but more as a means to boost security measures. The fact that you can scale these cameras to just about wherever you need them to be will be sure to help out for the vandalism problems as well, should you fear that you might have them.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to save money. These boats are extremely expensive, and the supplies can add up quickly too. Keep your customers feeling safe by letting them know that their boats are being monitored closely. Make sure that the shops are being taken care of security wise as well. A CCTV network here could help out more than you think.


Get Your Work Out On At The Gym, Just Make Sure You’re Safe While Doing It

78779619I’d like everyone to take a look at the society we live in today, just for a second. We’ve gone from a “McDonald’s is fine everyday” lifestyle, to a more “stay fit, stay active” lifestyle. I, for one, am all about it. I love working out and I think it’s a great way to stay active and seeing the results just makes it that much more motivating. The gym is a motivating place to be if you’re just trying to lose a few pounds or even get cut, but it can also be a dangerous place. Naturally accidents can happen in the gym, but there’s a lot more danger than just a weightlifting accident. Those people with gym memberships could be a danger to themselves without even knowing it.

Image Plays A Big Role

The fact that these gym memberships can cost a lot of money, or even gyms located in country clubs, means that they can attract thieves. Since there is a monthly fee normally (and some can be pretty expensive), many of the gym goers can become targets simply because of the assumption that they have money. Just due to the fact that some of these clubs and gyms can be exclusive gives the illusion of wealth, and that can be a problem. By placing a security camera system in and around the building, and even in the parking lot, you make things a lot safer for your gym members and employees. Keeping the facilities monitored can really help deter thieves from casing the building.

The Parking Lot Is Prime Territory

Parking lots can be a very easy place for vandals to commit their crimes, especially at night. Think about this for a second. You have a completely empty parking lot and one of your members is leaving after a late gym session from your very expensive, very exclusive club. If the parking lot isn’t equipped with a security camera system, then they’ve now become the perfect target for a robbery. Employee theft can also occur in an unmonitored parking lot. All the employee has to do is place whatever items they’re attempting to steal in the trunk of their car and then boom. Your gym is out another free weight set, and it’s coming out of your pocket.

Safe And Secure Is The Way To Go

Your members and employees want to feel safe. You want to make them feel safe, all while making sure that your business stays secure. Just by putting up a CCTV network around the facility, parking lot, and in the facility itself, you’ve now made your members feel much more at ease. You’ve made your employees feel safe. You’re now able to keep an eye on your inventory and make sure that no one is taking something that they shouldn’t. Not to mention the fact that your business will gain a better look from the outside in. People take security very seriously, and a CCTV network could easily boost your gym’s/club’s image. This could definitely help bring in more potential members.

When you’re dealing with a gym or a club that has a monthly membership fee, you want to know that your payments are not only going toward new equipment, but also to keeping you safe. Help make sure that your members keep coming back and recommend your facility to others by keeping it well equipped, clean, and very well secured. Your members and your wallet will thank you.

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How Safe Is Your Construction Site?

167598282When you think of a construction site, there are a few things that may always come to mind. You may think of the possibilities of what the new building could be. You might be thinking of how annoying the traffic will be when you’re trying to get home off the highway. You could also be thinking “THIS is what my tax dollars are paying for instead of these pothole-filled roads?” The one thing that you may not really think about is the possibility of theft or the need for a surveillance system on the premise. Here’s the sad part. Construction sites could really be in need of a security camera system, and not just for the reasons of theft and burglary.

The first thing you are going to need to do is ask yourself some questions about your site.

  • Is the site you’re at located in a bad part of town?
  • Has there been employee theft on the grounds before?
  • Has there ever been an accident on the site before?
  • Is there any security already on the lot?
  • What is the biggest concern for you in terms of theft? (i.e. products and materials)

Just by asking these types of questions, you’re going to make it a lot easier on yourself when decided what type of system you’re going to need.

Know About The Advantages

There are so many benefits when talking about adding a surveillance system to your construction site. These areas are dangerous places to begin with, you have to think. You have literally tons and tons of heavy machinery that could be in motion. These machines are designed to move earth and lift heavy amounts of weight. Accidents can happen on the site. By having a system in place, you’re making sure to monitor your employees to ensure that if an accident could have been avoided or was not the fault of the owner, it’s all all camera for everyone to see. Theft can also be a big issue for a construction site. Any place of business is going to have to deal with some type of theft. The materials that go into building on construction sites are not cheap. Protection of your assets could be as easy and placing a few cameras around to make sure that there isn’t anything fishy going on. Moving the cameras around could be difficult, but lucky for you this is the 21st century and a lot of the cameras that we use now can run off of wifi feeds. This means that you could place your security cameras pretty much anywhere where you see fit!

Know About The Potential Risks

Vandalism happens even at construction sites. Machines could be tampered with, broken into, or even have graffiti sprayed upon them. If this can happen to the machines, what makes you think that the vandals won’t mess with the cameras as well? The cameras are just as susceptible to the criminals as a bulldozer would be. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you are also at the mercy of Mother Nature. Should bad weather come along, that could mean the end of your cameras if they aren’t properly suited for the weather coming in. Make sure that proper placement is noted when setting up your system.

These sites aren’t places to take likely. They’re not your typical business venue. It’s a lot of hard labor that needs to be monitored carefully. All that needs to be done to make that happen, is just setting up a security camera system.

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