Home Security For Halloween

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The air is starting to get cold, the leaves are changing colors, and everyone is rushing to get ready for the spookiest time of the year, Halloween. Halloween is meant for the fun of costumes, candy, and even Halloween parties, but some people like to like to hide in the extra cover of all the fun and excitement and attack us when we are vulnerable. We have listed a small list of safety precautions you can take to during Halloween.

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halloween sexy witch



Most Halloween events take place late at night and end much later. To prevent someone from breaking in your home, or a young teenager egging your windows, you should keep on plenty of outdoor lights. Most criminals (big and small) don’t want to get caught, and lighting is the easiest way to get caught in the middle of the night.

Security Cameras

No one person can watch their security cameras all day. But being able to keep an eye on your home should be ideal. And in the possibility of you having a home break in, or vandalism, you would have video evidence of who came into your home.

Close Doors and Windows

No matter what neighborhood you live in, you should always lock your doors and windows at night. If you live in a two story home, your not going to see someone climb into your second story window because it causes too much attention, but all the first floor windows and doors are easy access points to your home. Don’t think that just because there is a screen window, that no one will try and climb in.

Closing Thoughts


Halloween is meant to be fun for everyone, but under all the excitement and parties, some people are hiding in plain site, looking to get their hands on what ever they can. Please take extra caution this Halloween to keep you and your family safe from those who may be hiding in plain site.

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A Few Aspects About Surveillance Systems That You Might Not Be Aware Of

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When you’re in the market to get a new security camera system, there are a lot of things to consider. Mind you that not many people know about surveillance systems. Most people might think that when you get a security camera system, you just stick a camera in a hidden spot and someone is in another room watching the feed.

remote-internetWhat often times goes unrecognized is that it is 2014… Security camera systems and other surveillance equipment have come a lot further than most people realize! It’s more than just a camera next to a door now. Our surveillance systems have grown to adapt to our wants and needs now. Much like our consumer technology has progressed, so too have the security cameras that you think you know so much about.

There Is More Than Just One Type Of Camera…


I’m sure that to the average person, there is a common misconception that a security camera is just a security camera. Well… yes and no. Yes it is a camera placed and being used for security purposes, but there are still many different kinds of cameras that are used for different security purposes. Take the bullet camera for example. This camera alone has been a huge asset to just about any surveillance system because of its small size and overall versatility. Then you have dome cameras or pan and tilt cameras. Dome cameras normally some type of protective dark covering over the lens so that you wouldn’t even be able to tell what direction the lens is looking at. The pan and tilt cameras are able to be adjusted by the user to zoom in or move in whichever direction needed to gain a better viewing angle, all via a program. Really, for just about any need that you may have, there is probably a camera for it.

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Ever Heard Of Remote Viewing?

remote viewing

The speculation that there always has to be someone behind the monitors watching at all times isn’t always true anymore. We live in the modern and mobile age. You don’t have to be stationary anymore, and surveillance system developers know that. It’s slowly becoming the norm to have a feature called Remote Viewing available for surveillance systems these days. Essentially, as long as there is an internet connection,  you would be able to access the camera’s feeds from any type of device. Again, there has to be a proper internet connection from both sides in order for it to work. The cameras must be connected through a DVR. Rest assured that when that happens however, watching your cameras will be a lot easier.

Wireless And DVR Are Popular Now

There used to be days where every camera had to be wired in order for there to be any type of feed connection. This day in age, just about everything is wireless though. This goes the same for your security cameras. Now note that not all of them are wireless. The ones that are though greatly expand you field of view options because they’re able to be placed just about anywhere that you can get a proper signal. Almost all feeds now also come with DVR in order to keep all your videos on file. No more recording to tape. Everything now has a time stamp and can even be connected to a cloud storage device so that recorded feeds can be accessed from other devices if needed.


Our security cameras and surveillance systems have grown quite a bit from what they used to be. There are still a lot of people who are interested in getting the proper setup, but might not know about some of the “normal” features that come with a surveillance system now. Just know that we’ve come a long way.

Security Camera Systems For Casinos Are Crucial Assets

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When you think of a security camera monitoring a facility, you can think of many different places. Some of the venues might be a bit too obvious for you to think of right off the bat though. Take casinos for example. These facilities are essentially banks that allow you to win whatever is in the safe. It should come as no surprise to anyone that when there is a lot of money in one place, that place becomes a high value target for theft and criminal activity. When you go to a casino, you could win a lot of money or lose it all. Both of those scenarios can also lead to criminal activity. This is exactly why security camera surveillance systems are a need for casinos.

There Are A Lot Of People In Here


Casinos are very large places that can hold a lot of people. They’re designed that way to increase revenue. That being said, since there are more people, that means there is more to monitor. There are plenty of “problems” that can occur within the walls of a casino. We’ve all seen the Ocean’s movies and the ever popular The Hangover movie. These movies all showcased ways to “get one over” on casinos. Everything from robbery to counting cards was addressed. Not every gambler plays fair, and there are only so many security guards that can monitor at one time. When you place a security camera system in the gaming rooms, you quickly cut down that number of shady gamblers. When a criminal knows he is being watched, he is MUCH less likely to commit a crime.

Don’t Get Violent! You’re On Camera

Think about what all is inside of a casino. Yes, you have the craps tables and the slot machines. Bright lights and appealing slot machine sounds might fill the air. You should also know that there is probably a very stocked bar in the casino as well. A scenario for you: There is a man who has not had the best luck tonight an has had one too many Jack and Coke’s put into his system. This man has now lost all he can lose and he isn’t exactly too peachy. He’s now getting violent. With the use of a surveillance system, you can quickly dispatch whatever guards and security you have at your disposal to diffuse the situation and escort the man out of the facility. You want to maintain happy atmosphere in your casino as to keep customers happy as well. Being violent doesn’t exactly make for a happy and safe looking environment, so make sure that everything and everyone is being properly monitored.

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Theft Can Happen Even In Casinos

You might not think that theft is a likely possibility in a casino, but you’d be wrong. No, you’re not going to be able to go in and open the vault and take the money. That being said, employees can help aid a cheating gambler. You want to make sure that you can trust your employees, that’s a fact, but even they can “steal” from a casino. An employee could be helping a “partner in crime” win more than they originally received, or even help them at a cards table by aiding in their method of cheating. Having the right surveillance equipment means that you’ll be able to properly monitor the gaming areas. Monitor the tables, each individual gambler, and even the dealers with crystal clear imaging quality. Make sure that the casino’s money is safe.

Casinos are meant to be a place where you feel lucky, not a place where you feel unsafe. As an owner, you need to make sure that all of your bases are covered for the security of your employees, gamblers, and of course the money. The only way to properly do that is with a state of the are surveillance system!

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Package Protection

It is starting to become that time of year where many people are starting to think about the holidays and thinking about gifts for loved ones. A lot of people love this time of year and can’t wait to spend time with loved ones and passing around presents to show their affection. With everything good about the holidays, there is also someone lurking to benefit from others. Many thieves and burglars are know what type of season it is, time of people ordering online and keeping packages unguarded on the front porch. Many of us can’t be home to sit for all our deliveries and leave our packages exposed, what can we do to prevent them from being stolen?

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Set A Pickup Destination

Many carriers have pickup destinations. UPS, FedEx, and USPS, who are the most popular carriers, all have pickup stations where your package will be guarded and checked out by a responsible employee. If your home or office is located close to one of these pickup stations, you can have convenience with your package’s protection.

postal service

Ship To A Work Address

If you work in a type of office or other work enviroment that allows easy deliveries, you can have your package shipped directly to your office. You’ll be able to receive your package and not worry who could be picking it up or having to drive out of the way to pick it up from a pickup station.

Ship To A Loved Ones Home

Another option is to have it shipped to someone you trust who will be home to keep it for you. This person would become your pickup station but hopefully be more convenient then the carrier’s pickup station.

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Closing Thoughts

Think twice before you buy something on Amazon and have it automatically shipped to your home. It is the season for people to take advantage of others and their increase confidence.

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A Bullet Camera In Every Business, On Every Street Corner?

Security and surveillance technology are an ever booming market. In just about every major business in America today, you can find a security camera system or some type of surveillance technology. The market for it is huge. There will always be thieves and there will always be vandals. That is why there will always be new security cameras and technology being developed to combat the ever evolving ways of crime that people come up with. How many businesses actually use surveillance technology though? That number will never be exact as it is always growing. More and more businesses and people alike are seeing the importance of having security camera technology.

The Workplace

Keeping your place of business safe should just come as common sense to just about everyone. The only problem is, is that some business owners might view it as either too invasive or even too expensive. That just isn’t the case. There are too many pros that outweigh the cons in terms of that thought process. Both employees and customers alike want to feel that they are in a safe and appreciative environment. This will keep everyone happy and keep customers coming back (as long as the customer service remains optimal as well). It deters vandals and theft from both outsiders and employees alike. You find security camera systems in McDonald’s, car dealerships, retail stores, hospitals, police stations, and more. There’s clearly a reason for this. It’s all about monitoring and safety for everyone within the facility.

450469489The Street Corners

Recently there was a game that came out called “Watch Dogs”. Not too go off on too much of a tangent, but the game took place in present day Chicago. In the game the character can hack into the multiple security cameras that line the streets. This part of the game is not fictitious. Chicago is a city that is very heavily monitored and actually does have security cameras on just about every street corner. It’s about detering crime and lowering the crime rate in general. Box cameras, weatherproof cameras, dome cameras, and yes, even bullet cameras are found throughout the city always on the watch. Some may see this as a “bit too much” but if the affects on crime are positive, can it really be seen as a negative? Cities and businesses alike use the cameras to their advantage while also doing their best to maintain certain privacies.

Is It Really Too Much?

There will always be that looming fear of “is big brother watching?”, but then again, the main purpose of the cameras are to monitor for crimes and keep individuals and products safe. There are still companies today that don’t utilize security cameras or any real type of surveillance equipment other than a bell on the door when you come in. That being said, not every business, home, or street corner is connected to a CCTV grid, and that makes those areas targets for vandalism, theft, and other crimes. The bullet camera, with its naturally small and sleek design, has always been one of the go to cameras in just about every security camera system. They’re easy to maneuver. They’re easy to hide. They almost always come equipped with IR capabilities to monitor in the dark.


The idea of having cameras everywhere can be a scary thought, because you never know who is on the receiving end of those feeds. All “big brother” thoughts aside though, one can’t deny the endless applications that come with the use of bullet cameras and other surveillance technology. It’s all about safety, lowing crime, and keeping you your business, home, and assets protected.

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Axis’ Q6042-E PTZ Dome Camera

The Axis Q6042-E PTZ Dome Network Camera is an advanced, outdoor-ready PTZ dome security camera that holds up well in demanding surveillance situations. This model replaces the discontinued Axis Q6032-E and comes with extended D1, day/night, H.264, 36x optical zoom, 220° tilt, outdoor-ready with Arctic Temperature Control, active Gatekeeper, tour recording and high power via Ethernet.

axis 42

Demanding Outdoor Video Surveillance

The Q6042-E is an outdoor-ready PTZ dome network camera that is perfect for those that are looking for a cost-effective piece of equipment. In addition to that, this camera also has reliable installation that is perfect for demanding situations. In addition to that, this camera is also ideal for use in places like airports, seaports, parking lots or warehouses in addition to city and perimeter surveillance. The camera is powered via High Power through Ethernet, simplifying installation with only a single cable required.

Reliable Operation In Extreme Conditions

The Arctic Temperature Control of the Q6042-E allows this camera to function at -40°F (-40°C) and also power up to that temperature after a power failure. This camera can also operate in temperatures as high as 122°F (50°C) and has an IP66 and NEMA 4X protection housing that protects it against dust and water. The housing is also IK10 vandal-resistant as well, to prevent tampering.

axis wide view

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Precise PTZ Performance And High Zoom

This camera also comes with a fast and precise PTZ response while also having the ability to tilt 20° above the horizon, giving it a total tilt range of 220°. This enables better views, especially over uneven terrain. A 36x optical zoom and a 12x digital zoom are also added features, allowing you to see things from a distance of 525 feet (160 meters). With Active Gatekeeper, this camera can also automatically move to a preset position upon motion detection in a pre-defined area and track a detected object.

The tour recording functionality also enables this camera to have an easy setup of an automatic tour. This enables a device, like a joystick, to be used to record an operator’s PTZ movements and length of time spent at each PoI (point of interest). In addition to that, the tour can then be activated at a touch of a button or at a scheduled time.

Additional Features

Other features of the Q6042-E include: multiple, individually configurable H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams; edge storage with a built-in SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot; day and night functionality, progressive scan, wide dynamic range, electronic image stabilization and E-flip; advanced security and network management features; open Application Programming Interface (API) for software integration, including the ONVIF specification, VAPIX and Axis Camera Application Platform; support for Axis Video Hosting System (AVHS) with one-click camera connection.

Conventions And Large Scale Events Should Come Standard With Surveillance Equipment

If I were to ask you if you’ve ever been to a convention, some of you may say no. If I were to ask you if you’ve ever been to any event where there were a lot of people, I’m sure many of you would say yes. Whether it be a concert or some type of large scale event, there are plenty of chances for things to go awry. With so many people concentrated into one centralized area, there needs to optimal security measures taken to ensure that everything goes accordingly. Security guards are always a big help, but that being said, they can only be in so many places at one time. This is where the help of a security camera system comes into play.

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That A Lot Of People To Monitor

stk313097rknWhen you pack a large amount of people into a small venue for a concert or convention event, there are a lot of people to monitor. There are many chances for theft to take place. Normally, every vendor at events like these will be manning their stations to ensure that they can sell to as many people as possible. Every once and a while though, a vendor may be busy with another customer and not able to watch their area properly. This is where theft can easily take place. Instead of relying on security guards and vendors to watch everyone at all times, why not have a surveillance system take care of the people that you can’t watch?  After all, there can be thousands of people in one place for an event that and that can be a large number or people to watch after.



The obvious reason to get a surveillance system for your event is to help deter criminal activity such as theft. People are naturally less likely to commit any type of crime if they know they’re being monitored by a camera system. By having cameras at all of the entrances and monitoring the vendors’ stations, you can have the vendors breathe a little bit easier knowing that their tables are being monitored properly. Then there is the advantage of remote viewing. This essentially allows you to be anywhere in the crowd and access your camera feeds. You no longer need to be tied down to the security camera room. As long as there is proper internet access, you’re able to look at the live camera feeds from the entire surveillance system via your mobile device. This is perfect for the security guards as well, as they will be able to help monitor not just with their eyes, but also with the help of the cameras.

Few Risks

When dealing with cameras, there is always the risk of privacy being a problem with the guests. Since you would be monitoring such large areas, there wouldn’t be any real threat of privacy invasion. So long as the areas such as bathrooms and such are being monitored, there should be no complaint of privacy issues. There is always the risk of vandalism as well though. You have to remember that you’re dealing with a large group of people, so tampering could easily happen. A criminal could steal a camera or even damage it. Needless to say, a tampered camera can’t really capture too much footage if it’s stolen or broken, so it’s always best to have extra security measures.

These events like concerts and conventions have way too many people attending for there to not be adequate security measures. There needs to always be a way to monitor the crowds and make sure that everything is going according to plan. Keep the vendors, concert/convention goers, and staff safe and happy with the aid a of security camera system!


The Types Of Burglars

Types of Burglars

They say to know your enemy to help protect yourself. So who are your enemies for your home? Most would say, burglars but what kind of burglars? There are multiple types of burglars and each has their own habits.

The Simple Burglar

This burglar searches for easy targets as for those who have open windows and unlocked doors. They are typically petty thieves who look for quick “big buck” items to sell for quick cash.

The Scouter

This thief scouts around quite neighborhoods for open doors or windows but will break in and grab anything that will fit in their pockets. A scouter is know to be careless and break windows, doors, and furniture to find what they want.

The Prowler

This thief is the smarter version of the Scouter. The prowler will sneak around neighborhoods to find open doors and windows but will only grab valuable things they can sell at a high price. The prowler is more careful in the way they move throughout your home.

The Expert

The expert is the burglar we associate with movies, hanging from wires to steal a diamond as large as a basketball from someones home. These thieves are very crafty and selective with their targets, usually targeting large and expensive items from large estates.

Closing Thoughts

The best way to prevent any of these burglars to break into your home is to be prepared. Lock all doors and windows before you leave, install a security system to alarm neighbors and authorities, and install a surveillance system so they know you are watching at all times and have evidence against them. All these steps can help prevent a burglar target your home as its next victim.

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White House Security Measures Under Fire After Man Literally Walks In The Front Door

Ok readers pop quiz time! What is (arguably) the most secure building in the entire world? If you answered The White House in the U.S. then you’re correct! Your prize? You get to keep reading this article! That’s right, the home of the leader of the most powerful nation in the world is should be the most secure place in the entire world, though Omar J. Gonzalez has proven otherwise.


If you haven’t heard already, Omar J. Gonzalez (an Army veteran) recently scaled the fences at White House, crossed the front lawn and entered the UNLOCKED front door of the building. Once inside, Gonzalez was subdued by an officer and was also revealed to have been carrying a folding knife. Let me just put that into better perspective for you: A man with a knife walked right in the front door of the White House….

Naturally, the Secret Service is reviewing security measures at the White House in an attempt to figure out how Gonzalez managed to make it so far before being apprehended. It is standard practice for guards to hold their fire unless an intruder is visibly seen carrying a weapon or backpack that could potentially house dangerous explosives. In addition to that, a trained attack dog is considered a failsafe to attack intruders but one was not released in this situation with the reasoning behind that under investigation.

According to Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah, “This is totally and wholly unacceptable…How safe is the president if this can happen?” Chaffetz is the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on national security. “I just can’t believe somebody can go that far without being impeded. The perception they are creating is only going to inspire more security breaches.”

466082203The White House released a statement about the incident stating, “The President has full confidence in the Secret Service and is grateful to the men and women who day in and day out protect himself, his family and the White House.” Former Secret Service agents are worried about the breach and think that it may be due to staffing shortages that the agency has struggled with. The agency has been flying in agents from field offices around the country in order to do temporary assignments.

It is unclear what Gonzalez’s real intentions were inside the White House, though reports have stated that Gonzalez was trying to warn Obama about the sky falling. Chicken Little Gonzalez had been arrested earlier this year with an illegal shotgun and has been in trouble with the law a few other times. Each time Gonzalez has been picked up he’s had countless rounds of ammunition, weapons and other things in his possession.

All the recent threats from ISIS make this break-in even more unbelievable. With hostile enemies threatening our nation one would think that the White House would be a little more secure. Gonzalez was only carrying a knife at the time, but he could have easily been someone with a bomb strapped to his body. While nobody was injured during this fiasco the results could have very well been a lot worse.

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New Home Security Tips

New Home Security 

Are you moving into a new home? Have you thought about your new home’s security and how safe you and your valuables can be? Unless you are moving across the street, you don’t know much about the neighborhood and how safe you can be. The most vulnerable moments are when you are moving in and still staying at your old home till everything is moved in. We all get a bit nervous about leaving our stuff behind and fear someone may come and take our valuables. Here we will list a few new home security tips to help protect you in your new home.

Trim Bushes And Shrubs

If your new home has bushes or shrubs that cover windows, you may want to trim them down to prevent hiding spots for potential burglars. Burglars can use bushes and scrubs to help hide while breaking in your windows late at night or even in the day.

Change The Locks

Depending on who you are buying from, you don’t know who has a key to your house. If your house was originally rented out, you could quite a few people who have keys to your new home. If a couple of roommates had keys to the house, then their close friends or relatives has a key just in case they were locked out. Even the owner may have keys he/she is unaware of. The best way to prevent someone “testing” their keys, is to simply replace the locks.

Watch For Traffic

Keep an eye out for foot traffic in your new neighborhood. The amount of people you have walking up and down your street can deter or invite new intruders. If you live on a street that has people walking up and down, all hours of the night, you may want to keep the doors and windows locked any time you step out of the house. This doesn’t mean zero pedestrians is a good thing either. If no one ever walks around your home, it must mean the street is empty and no one is home in the neighborhood and makes it easy to break in without getting caught.

Closing Thoughts

A new home is very exciting and can be a lot of fun moving in, but security details should be on the list of things to take care of on move in day.

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