How Safe Is Your Construction Site?

167598282When you think of a construction site, there are a few things that may always come to mind. You may think of the possibilities of what the new building could be. You might be thinking of how annoying the traffic will be when you’re trying to get home off the highway. You could also be thinking “THIS is what my tax dollars are paying for instead of these pothole-filled roads?” The one thing that you may not really think about is the possibility of theft or the need for a surveillance system on the premise. Here’s the sad part. Construction sites could really be in need of a security camera system, and not just for the reasons of theft and burglary.

The first thing you are going to need to do is ask yourself some questions about your site.

  • Is the site you’re at located in a bad part of town?
  • Has there been employee theft on the grounds before?
  • Has there ever been an accident on the site before?
  • Is there any security already on the lot?
  • What is the biggest concern for you in terms of theft? (i.e. products and materials)

Just by asking these types of questions, you’re going to make it a lot easier on yourself when decided what type of system you’re going to need.

Know About The Advantages

There are so many benefits when talking about adding a surveillance system to your construction site. These areas are dangerous places to begin with, you have to think. You have literally tons and tons of heavy machinery that could be in motion. These machines are designed to move earth and lift heavy amounts of weight. Accidents can happen on the site. By having a system in place, you’re making sure to monitor your employees to ensure that if an accident could have been avoided or was not the fault of the owner, it’s all all camera for everyone to see. Theft can also be a big issue for a construction site. Any place of business is going to have to deal with some type of theft. The materials that go into building on construction sites are not cheap. Protection of your assets could be as easy and placing a few cameras around to make sure that there isn’t anything fishy going on. Moving the cameras around could be difficult, but lucky for you this is the 21st century and a lot of the cameras that we use now can run off of wifi feeds. This means that you could place your security cameras pretty much anywhere where you see fit!

Know About The Potential Risks

Vandalism happens even at construction sites. Machines could be tampered with, broken into, or even have graffiti sprayed upon them. If this can happen to the machines, what makes you think that the vandals won’t mess with the cameras as well? The cameras are just as susceptible to the criminals as a bulldozer would be. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you are also at the mercy of Mother Nature. Should bad weather come along, that could mean the end of your cameras if they aren’t properly suited for the weather coming in. Make sure that proper placement is noted when setting up your system.

These sites aren’t places to take likely. They’re not your typical business venue. It’s a lot of hard labor that needs to be monitored carefully. All that needs to be done to make that happen, is just setting up a security camera system.

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A Lot Can Happen At The Mall, So Make Sure It Remains Safe By Installing A Surveillance System

467749327Do you think it’s time you spoiled yourself a little bit? You may think so, so you go to the mall and buy yourself that new purse you’ve been eyeballing. Maybe you decide to buy yourself a new pair of shoes. There’s not a thing wrong with that. The mall is a place of business after all, right? There are literally hundreds and hundreds of people that enter the mall every day. Sometimes these people have their pockets lined pretty well. Since the mall is a public place, there can still be some threat of theft and overall safety. Malls need security camera systems to help ensure that the customers remain safe as well as the stores.

Theft Prevention

Theft prevention is the biggest aspect that a mall should worry about. Each individual store can have literally millions of dollars worth of merchandise within the store. These stores are easily the first targets that criminals go for. The easier it is to access the merchandise (i.e. a clothing store), the more likely that store will be susceptible to theft. By installing a security camera system within the store itself and around the entrance, the store can be monitored by security personnel. Should there be any type of suspicious activity or personnel, the guards can react accordingly to apprehend the person or alert the store and possibly prevent the crime.

Cut Down On The Crime Rate

There’s a lot that can happen in a mall. There are stores that can be stolen from, yes, but there can also be a lot of vandalism that goes on as well. Shopping malls are also likely locations for kidnappings. As scary as a thought like that is, it is something that happens. Just by putting a live surveillance system network in place at the mall, you can help cut back on the crime rate happening just due to the fact that the criminals are being monitored via a live feed. Then again, the feed might not be seen in time. This is where recorded footage comes in.

Go Back And Review The Footage

Let’s say that there are some things that went missing from the PacSun store. Instead of just chalking it up as a loss because a security guard wasn’t looking at the camera feed during that time, go back and watch what the camera recorded around the suspected time. Just by reviewing the circumstances of a theft, you will be more prepared for next incident. You might not be able to get the clothes back, but you will be able to see the tactics of the thief who stole from the store.

Lucky for anyone who would want to install a security camera system within their mall, there are plenty more benefits than there are risks for a surveillance system. Naturally there is always the threat of vandalism. You also won’t be able to place cameras in private areas such as bathrooms and fitting rooms, places where theft and vandalism can occur the most. It can be a bit nerve wracking not knowing if those private rooms are the places where a store’s merchandise is stolen, but the customers need to be respected. By having everything on camera that can be on camera, you decrease the risk of having these types of crimes happening. For the mall, the stores, the inventory, and the safety of the shoppers, it would be your best bet to get a surveillance system.

Keep the mall safe. Keep the stores safe. Most importantly, keep the shoppers safe.

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DropCam Makes Security Cameras Easier And Cheaper Than Ever

One day Greg Duffy made a very simple observation when his father was trying to figure out which dog in their neighborhood was “leaving presents” on their front lawn. The observation was that most of the security cameras that you would typically set up for home or business use were quite complicated to set up and use.

After that thought popped into Duffy’s head, he and his friend, Aamir Virani, developed a new technology that is now being used by Google’s Nest Labs after a $555 million dollar cash deal. Now DropCam is set on taking over the security camera business by offering inexpensive, high quality security cameras that are simple and easy to set up.

dropcamWith these new cameras  consumers have access to an inexpensive system that is easy to set up. You don’t even really have to do anything. You just plug it in, connect it to your Wi-Fi, and it is all done and ready to go. This whole system allows business owners  to spend less money on a system that isn’t complicated to use.

Something else that is very convenient is that these plug and play cameras can be controlled and monitored from anywhere. You can sign up for a subscription which lets video be recorded in the cloud, and you can access it from any laptop or smartphone, wherever you may be.

Other nice features include the recently added night-vision capabilities and a built in microphone. With the microphone, you can even have two way conversations with whoever is on the other side of the camera.

DropCam’s technology might be added to Google’s Nest home system that controls smoke alarms, thermostats, and sounds emergencies with a calm human voice.

Some people would argue that one of the downfalls of this type of system is that the video feed is not being monitored by a security company who could call 911 if something fishy was going on. Another drawback is that because the video is recorded to the cloud, there is the potential for it to be hacked even though it requires a password to be able to access it. As long as you don’t put one in your bathroom, I don’t think hacking is THAT much of a concern… But there is also the fact that it runs off electricity and requires a Wi-Fi connection, so it has to be in range at all times.

The advantages to having a typical security camera setup is that they have alarms, they are tied to the police, and if power goes out at your business, the system will immediately notify you. Things like that make the more expensive systems seem worth the extra money.

All of that aside though, this type of technology definitely has its place in the world. It is a viable choice for business owners on a budget and is great for monitoring employees and making sure that everything is running properly as well as for security purposes. It is for sure something to think about and check into!

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Summer Safety

Security Tip of the Day: 
Try Not To Keep A Routine 
Most of us work a normal 9-5 job Monday through Friday. The problem is burglars are watching and will typically do some research on you. They will be watching your routines and see when you leave and when you come home. You want to mix it up a little and leave earlier or later on random days, maybe even come home for lunch if you are lucky. 

Product Spotlight: Network Cameras
Network cameras are all based on an IP system. This is a true digital video which allows a better quality video to watch. This camera allows you to see what you need to watch with better quality. There are all sorts of types of IP cameras available.
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Story Of The Day: Summer Safety
The summer is the most active time of the year. We all want to go out and get out of the house after cold winters. But what are we leaving behind? Are we making sure the home is safe?

Know What You Own
If you are the victim of a breakin and you can’t remember everything that you own or what was stolen, you won’t be reimbursed by your insurance company or have your property returned to you if it is found. It would be easy just to take pictures of your most valuable items to refer back to.

Keep It To Yourself
Some things you should just not post. Posting how your car door won’t lock or your front door can’t shut all the way can draw some serious attention to yourself and you could see someone breaking in easily.

Be Careful
Whenever you leave the house, you will want to take that second to make sure the house is locked and everything is put away. Taking these extra seconds will allow you to feel a little safer while you are away.

Closing Thoughts
Take the extra time to catalog your belongings and to lock up properly before leaving. In case of an event, you don’t want to be asking yourself why you didn’t take these extra steps before you left for the day. Do yourself a favor and make sure you are covered.
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All Of The Benefits To A Security System You Didn’t Think Of For Your Bar

78748518Have you ever been so hungry that you didn’t care where you went to eat? You’re driving along, and you know you’ve hit the bad part of town. You find some place to stop and then you think to yourself, “I need food NOW”, so you go in, get your food but you leave your credit card. You remember it halfway down the road the road and you turn around. You then get your credit card back and you’re on your way. The same thing happens a week later in the good part of town, but this time you don’t get your credit card back and that opens up an entirely new can of worms. Want to know the difference between these two restaurants? The one in the bad part of town had a surveillance system, while the one in the good part of town didn’t.

This may sound crazy, but even in a restaurant or bar setting a surveillance system can mean a huge difference for you, your business, your employees, and most importantly, your customers.

Think of all the possible benefits of installing a security camera system into your bar or restaurant. First off, you’ll be fighting against theft prevention. That’s always the name of the game when using surveillance systems. You want to do everything you can to prevent your inventory and assets from being stolen. There are customers who WILL come in, order a drink or food, and WILL NOT pay. You don’t want that. By installing the security camera system, you’ve made it possible to monitor your business to ensure that customers don’t leave without paying, or if it’s someone who has been a repeat offender, you don’t serve them. Your business needs to take precedence over a lousy bar patron or cheapskate restaurant goer.

Not only do you stand to increase your inventory (because it’s less likely to go missing now), but you also will be able to deal with fights and violence. This mainly applies more to bars than anything else. We all know that whenever alcohol is involved, things can get a bit crazy. A bar is putting a lot on the line should one of their customers get drunk and get in a fight on their property. Should someone get hurt on their property, boom. Lawsuit. It might not seem fair that that is the way that things work, but it is a fact that it can happen. If you have your surveillance system in place, however, you can have someone always monitoring the cameras and break up the fight or prevent it from happening in the first place by kicking out rowdy bar patrons.

Arguably the biggest benefit of having a surveillance system in place is the POS stations. This goes back to the act of theft prevention. Employees can steal just like shady customers can. Perhaps the drawers have been coming up short? By placing a camera system and other surveillance equipment in place, you can make sure that not only the customers don’t steal from you, but also your employees. The Point of Sale stations are where a lot can go down very quickly. All someone would have to do is drop a twenty or slip it into their pocket. If an employee knows that station is under very strict monitoring, however, that problem can be eliminated.

If you are wanting to make sure that you, your business, your employees, your customers, and your inventory are safe, protected, and secure, there is not better way to do it than with a security camera system.

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Just A Few Ways Your Car Dealership Could Benefit From A Security Camera System

200382893-001When you enter a car lot looking for a vehicle, that’s all that is really on your mind, right? You’re only thinking of how you can get the best car for the best price. You may be thinking of the best way for you to avoid the “shark salesmen”. You’re not thinking of anything involving your safety, unless it involves the airbags. You’re not thinking of your well-being in the actual car lot itself. You’re there on business, not to feel concerned for your safety, and you shouldn’t be. The owners of the dealership want their customers to feel safe and also want to make sure that their merchandise remains safe. You have to figure that their inventory’s value could be worth millions of dollars. It needs to be kept safe.

A surveillance system is the best answer to help keep everyone feeling safe and the merchandise secure. If you think that a car dealership is any different from any other retail store in terms of theft, you’d be dead wrong. Crime knows no limitations. Cars can be stolen from the lot and can even be vandalized on the lot. Any type of theft or vandalism on the grounds could be financially detrimental to the dealership. By simply putting a surveillance system in place, a car dealership can help prevent these types of events from occurring. They may be able to even spot a potential threat by monitoring the cameras. Shady characters are a lot easier to identify when they don’t have anywhere to hide.

The benefits aren’t limited to just preventing theft. Think of this, if you will. There are always going to be specific makes and models that attract more attention from customers. By monitoring the customer traffic and watching which cars are attracting the most attention, sales reps can be better prepared to interact with customers and potentially make a sale. It could also help show the dealer what cars to place within the showroom. The showroom is where all of the magic happens.  Sales reps may have a better chance of closing a deal with a customer if the customers are being monitored to see just how much they’re inspecting a car, and if it happens to be within the showroom.

Security is a big deal. It’s the name of the game essentially. A security camera system is the best way to make sure that not only your customers and inventory stay safe, but also that your employees and the building itself do too. As far as surveillance systems have come these days, there’s a huge array of features that can be utilized to help maintain optimum security. There are even ways to remotely view what the security camera sees directly from your mobile device. The remote view feature is arguably one of the best features to have access to. You and any other employee that has access to the remote view feature will be able to monitor the dealership at any time without ever having to be there.

There are plenty of other reasons why a car dealership could benefit from having a surveillance systems, other than these. A car dealership needs to protect their inventory, their customers, their building, and their employees. Why not make sure yours is protected by getting a CCTV system for your dealership?

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Bosch Debuts New 5MP DINION IP Starlight 8000 MP Camera


Bosch recently debuted a new IP surveillance camera, the 5MP DINION Starlight 8000 MP camera. According to Bosch, the Starlight is capable of delivering relevant IP video images 24/7, regardless of the time of day, movement of the object of interest or extreme low light conditions. Bosch is hoping that this new camera sets a new standard in 24/7 surveillance and, due to the camera’s comprehensive technical specifications, this camera is a good fit for 24/7 surveillance at critical infrastructures, parking lots, city surveillance projects or other applications that may have challenging lighting conditions.

The Starlight delivers 5 megapixel details, even in extreme low light situations, and is also capable of capturing moving objects in 5MP resolution at up to 30fps. The latest sensor technology is combined with sophisticated noise suppression, which results in a light sensitivity of 0.0121 lux at full 5MP resolution in color an deven 0.00825 lux at 1080p resolution. In addition, the Starlight also produces full color images in the dark beyond the point where othercameras have turned to monochrome images.

Even when other cameras show no image whatsoever, the Starlight is still capable of delivering a monochrome image. What’s more is that potential disturbances caused by changing front or backlight are eliminated by Bosch’s unique built-in intelligence. The intelligent Auto Exposure (iAE) technology radically adjusts the exposure of the camera to automatically adapt to changing light conditions. This, in turn, provides perfect exposure of objects of interest every single time. This technology also contributes to the outstanding dynamic range of the camera, which is said to be 103+16 dB for the 1080p mode.

The built-in Intelligent Video Analysis is another great feature of the Starlight. This technology helps to focus on relevant situations by altering when needed or automatically tracking objects of interest. In addition to that, IVA also adds sense and structure to video data by adding metadata. This allows the quick retrieval of relevant images from hours of stored video recording. Metadata can also be utilized to deliver conclusive evidence in security cases or to optimize business processes based on things like people counting or crowd density. Complex tasks are further made easy by intelligently utilizing the camera’s ability to simultaneously combining 8 of 15 available IVA rules, reducing false alarms significantly.

Limited bandwidth makes streaming HD content on mobile devices impossible though Dynamic Transcoding delivers smooth live video streaming along with instant access to full 1080p HD images when necessary, regardless of available bandwidth. Dynamic Transcoding also allows you to instantly retrieve the correct video data from hours of recorded material. The Starlight is also supported by Dynamic Transcoding in 1080p mode in combination with either one of the Bosch DIVAR IP recording solutions or a Bosch VIDEOJET.

In order to reduce storage costs and strain on your network the Starlight also features intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (iDNR). This technology leads to bandwidth only being used when needed. When there is little or no movement in the scene, less bitrate is required. As a result, iDNR actively analyzes the scene and distinguishes between relevant information, like moving objects and image noise artifacts. The degree of noise reduction is adjusted accordingly, meaning important objects are captured and image noise artifacts are suppressed, optimizing bitrate.

Overall this seems to be a pretty solid 24/7 surveillance solution. The image capabilities are very good, especially in low light situations. If you require 24/7 surveillance then the DINION IP Starlight 8000 MP camera from Bosch could be the solution you are looking for.

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Old McDonald Had A… Security Camera System?

94146760There are certain places where you would expect to see security cameras. Naturally, you should expect to see them at or in places of business. Courthouses, office buildings, schools, and places like these are homes to surveillance systems and there’s a reason for that. There is always some reason to invest in a security camera system. They not only monitor places where you can’t be, but they also help deter possible criminal activity normally. A criminal is less likely to vandalism or steal from a place of business that is under surveillance, especially if they realize that the camera is live and out of reach. One place that you may not expect to see this type of technology though, is on a farm.

That’s right. Even places like farms can benefit from having a surveillance system put in place. There is actually a multitude of reasons to make sure that your farm is under close watch.

To start, farms are big places. They can take up a lot of acreage and that means there is a lot to monitor. There are different facilities normally on farms. There are different holding pens and different places that could be vandalized or even become targets for theft. Because farms usually encompass such large areas, it’s best to make sure that these places are always being monitored. After all, you can’t be everywhere at one time right? You’re going to need some help making sure things are running smoothly, and a security camera system is going to ensure that that happens.

Speaking of help, you can’t run a farm by yourself. I’m, by no means, a farmer, but I’m sure any farmer is going to say that. There is just too much that goes on on a farm for there to be just one man running the entire operation. There has to be some level of employment happening. This is where security cameras can help again. As the owner and operator of a farm, you have a lot of property to manage. You have a lot of facilities to monitor. These cameras can help you monitor and make sure that operations on the farm are running smoothly. It will also help you maintain productivity and stock. Believe it or not, employee theft can happen anywhere. Whether it be in an office building or on a farm, employee theft happens everywhere. Make sure you are monitoring all of your farm’s belongings by keeping a close eye on them with a surveillance system.

Livestock and water are the literal lifeblood of farms.  If the water supply or livestock are tampered with, you can be sure of one thing: it will be devastating to the farm. Farmers have to deal with sporadic weather and inclement weather all the time. They might not have all the water that they need for their crops from one rain. This is where their water supply comes into play. Should that water supply be messed with in any way that could affect the amount of water that the farmer has at his or her supply, it could ruin the entire crop, cause the farmer to lose all of profit from the product, and thus cause prices for that particular crop to raise. One person could ruin it for everyone. A surveillance system can help make that something that you don’t need to worry about.

You may not ever think that a farm is a place where you would need a surveillance system, but when dealing with the nations food supply, you can never be too careful. Keep your livestock, your property, your employees, and your farm protected from intruders. Surveillance systems can help more than you know.

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Social Media And Break-Ins

Security Tip of the Day: 
Who Do You Let In Your Home
We have discussed not letting strange sales men or women in your home because they may be doing surveillance. But what about baby sitters or neighbors. Make sure you get to know someone before you just invite them inside. 

Product Spotlight: 1 Mega Pixel I.P. Bullet Camera
This little bullet camera combines quality with price to make a great affordable camera for your new video surveillance system. This is an I.P. camera which means it uses a digital video for better quality. It also has built in P.O.E. (power over Ethernet) which means you only need to plug this camera in and your all set to view video.
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Story Of The Day: Social Media And Break-Ins
Almost everyone you meet and walk by are probably on some sort of social media website. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram is just a small list of some popular social sites. We all love to keep in touch with friends and family through these sites, but who else is watching you? Burglars have utilized these social sites to plan on how they will break into your home. They wait for you to post your vacation plans or even long events and wait for the best time to ransack your home. Others will watch your page and see what new items you have bought. These include new TV’s, cars, gaming consoles, and much more. We will provide a couple of tips to help you from social burglars.

You should be careful of what you post but who you post it to. Take advantage of the social site’s privacy settings to hide content you don’t trust to certain groups or people. You should have your privacy settings set so that only your followers can view your posts. This will help block out unwelcome viewers.

Keep It To Yourself
Somethings you should just not post. Posting how your car door won’t lock or your front door can’t shut all the way can cause some serious attention to yourself and you could see someone breaking in easily.

Careful With Pictures
Pictures are the best way to show everyone your new car, TV, or jewelry but it allows burglars see what nice things you have and they can take for themselves.

Closing Thoughts
If you are to use social media, just make sure you are not being too personal. Also watch who you allow to be your friend because you never know who could be out for you. It is just these simple tips that can help protect you and your family.
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Guard Your Vacation Home

Security Tip of the Day: 
Know Your Neighbor
Get to know your neighbors, get to know your neighbor’s neighbors. The more people you know in your community, the safer you could be. These people will watch over your house or property while you are away and could prevent a break in.

Product Spotlight: 1 Mega Pixel I.P. Bullet Camera
This little bullet camera combines quality with price to make a great affordable camera for your new video surveillance system. This is an I.P. camera which means it uses a digital video for better quality. It also has built in P.O.E. (power over Ethernet) which means you only need to plug this camera in and your all set to view video.
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Story Of The Day: Guard Your Vacation Home
Your vacation home is probably the hardest properties to protect because, like most, you can’t be there every day. This is your home away from home but how do you make sure it is secure? Below we list a couple of quick solutions to help.

Lock The Doors And Windows
It may seem simple but a burglar won’t try to break a door or window if they don’t have to. Breaking a window or door causes too much noise and too much time. A bunch of petty thieves will just go door to door, looking for one that forgot to lock up.

Find A Trustworthy Neighbor
Finding a trustworthy neighbor who is a permanent resident will allow you to have someone close by at all times to check in on things. They can pick up mail, turn on lights, and create tracks in the snow or sand to give the illusion that someone lives there.

Take Down Any ‘For Rent’ Signs
Having a ‘for rent’ sign in the window or yard can attract thieves to your home. If a for rent sign is out, we can assume no one lives there and may have something to steal. Hiding this sign can be a great way to draw less attention to your property.



Closing Thoughts
Protecting your vacation home is difficult. If you believe you need more protection than the neighbor walking in the snow, a video surveillance system could put your mind at easy. You can set up your system to alert you on motion in the home and could even keep an eye on tenants for their stay. If there was an incident, you would have video proof of who was in your home at the time.
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