Security Camera Footage Leads Police Investigation

This video is at the forefront of an investigation into police brutality within the Colorado Springs Police Department. It just goes to show you that you never know who a security camera is going to save.

Tornado Caught On Surveillance Camera

A surveillance camera in Beavercreek Ohio caught a small tornado touching down yesterday. Two people were only slightly injured from the brief tornado.

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Camera Security Now Dahua 4K NVR is Winner of NVR Secutech Excellence Award 2015

CSN Dahua 128 Channel NVR

The contest stimulated real working environment and tested cameras under a series of real world criteria and then polled industry professionals to determine what models represent the best in each environment.

The NVR winner sold by Camera Security Now supports 128 cameras with max 384Mbps incoming bandwidth and up to 12.0-Mp resolution preview and playback.

This high feature, low cost Dahua NVR has redundant power supplies and drives with hot swap options. The NVR accommodates 16 hot-swap HDDs, up to 96TB. It also supports iSCSI & Mini SAS to expand to even more storage space! The device is equipped with front LCD display, which is a convenience for installation and maintenance.

Download the Camera Security Now Dahua 4K NVR Spec Sheet

“This is the fourth consecutive year one of our Dahua products has been recognized,” said Randy Lewis of Camera Security Now. “ More good news, Dahua’s NVR has advanced compatibility among competing brands so often we can integrate the NVR with other brands and models.”

Follow this link for more news on the The 18th International Exhibition and Conference For Electronic Security, Info Security, Fire and Safety and the 2015 Secutech Excellence Award.

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Walmart Shopping Cart Getaway








A local woman in East Huntingdon Township PA, was caught on surveillance video riding a shopping cart out of a local Walmart. The woman is seen shopping, checking her list as she strolls through the store. One thing police did notice was she was loading the groceries in plastic containers, which in hindsight, the woman was making it easier for her to load the groceries in the car, in her dynamic escape.


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Audio Surveillance Legality Varies from State to State

A lot of people use video surveillance systems at their home or business but most of them simply record video. You can add the ability to record audio to your surveillance system but this isn’t something you can do just on a whim. Before you add audio recording to your surveillance system you should carefully research the different laws in your state regarding audio surveillance as you could face lawsuits and/or criminal charges.

Recording conversations can be a violation of privacy, so it is crucial to understand your state’s laws before you end up getting yourself in trouble. For example, according to Oregon’s laws, before a recording can take place, all parties (or persons) must be informed of a possible recording and consent to being recorded in a private conversation. However, conversations can technically be picked up on video without the need for consent due to the limited expectation of privacy in public environments, i.e. walking on the street or in a park. States permitting audio surveillance often require signs informing all parties that their conversations are being recorded.

Upgrading or purchasing a video and/or audio surveillance system can benefit you and others around you by creating more of a secure environment in your business or home. These surveillance systems can provide public safety and help with theft protection, vandalism, problematic behavior, and trespassing. In addition to that there are even schools that are eligible to receive funding to obtain a video surveillance system, to help with their students fighting, stealing, or disrupting property. Even retirement homes have started upgrading their video surveillance to HD IP, to better protect their residents.

In deciding on a video surveillance system, always take into consideration adding an audio component for an all around better, safer, more efficient, secure surveillance system. For a summary of each state’s audio recording laws, see the following guide: , if you have any other questions concerning audio recording, be sure to also speak with an attorney in your state.

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Surveillance Video Catches Man Saving 4 Year Old








A home surveillance system in Washington state shows a man speeding up to catch a four year old boy running toward traffic. The man stopped his car and stopped the boy from heading into traffic. He does not believe he was a hero but the parents and the police both thanked him in person for saving the child.


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Milestone’s Unique Security Software Leads the Industry

New Milestone Security Camera SoftwareMilestone has made itself one of the biggest and most trusted names in the video management software world. It has the most up to date and modern features for IP and hybrid IP-CCTV video surveillance systems and there are a lot of Milestone XProtect softwares and servers out there to meet any needs you might have.

There are three different viewing clients that let you access your video surveillance systems from any location on a mobile device like a smartphone, laptop, or a tablet. This service is free with the Milestone software. the Smart, Mobile, and Web clients make managing, viewing and recording super easy.

With the video search tools you can sift through and find any evidence of an incident with ease. A lot of times you could spend hours watching video and hoping to god that you actually find the 5 second segment that you are looking for, but with Milestone it is a lot easier than that. It has plenty of useful tools that let you find exactly what you are looking for very quickly and export the video for viewing on Windows Media Player, email, or even MMS.

The software is also very versatile and lets you add new cameras and third-party applications. You can also access control and video analytics very easily.

Milestone Security Camera SoftwareOne of the coolest things is the Interactive Map feature. This allows you to see through different cameras at the same time that put together a complete picture of an entire space or area. Depending on the exact software you have, you can even get either single or multi layer maps for comprehensive visual overviews

Best of all, even with all of the awesome features, it is very easy to set up with the Automatic Configuration Wizard. The software has a super quick set up time and automatically detects cameras so that you can set everything up and get your surveillance system up and running in little to no time at all. Time is money, video surveillance protects your investments, you do the math.

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Jewelry Heist

jewelry robbery






In Rock Hills South Carolina, a jewelry store was broke into and roughly $27,000 was stolen in jewelry. The video surveillance shows two masked men breaking the glass of the store stealing a variety of birth gems and watches. The two masked men did about $2,000 in damage to the property. A K-9 unit was sent to help track the robbers but no update at the time of this post.



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You Never Know Who Is Watching







We see surveillance cameras where ever we go but we never know who could be watching. A young boy was caught on a restaurant surveillance video showing off his amazing moves. Not much is know about where this video was taken or what restaurant it came from but what is certainly obvious, this kid knows how to dance, and you never know when someone will catch the funny things you do on a security camera.


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Misleading Surveillance Video Exposed


In a recent surveillance video in Massachusetts showed a Transportation Authority detective pulling a man out of the tracks and saving his life. The detective was praised as a hero, until the full video was released. As shown in the video below, the detective does pull the man out but then starts punching him in the face. Anthony Ferrier’s lawyers have released the full video along with pictures of Ferrier in the hospital with a swollen face. Ferrier and his lawyers are filing a civil lawsuit on the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority).


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