New Home Security Tips

New Home Security 

Are you moving into a new home? Have you thought about your new home’s security and how safe you and your valuables can be? Unless you are moving across the street, you don’t know much about the neighborhood and how safe you can be. The most vulnerable moments are when you are moving in and still staying at your old home till everything is moved in. We all get a bit nervous about leaving our stuff behind and fear someone may come and take our valuables. Here we will list a few new home security tips to help protect you in your new home.

Trim Bushes And Shrubs

If your new home has bushes or shrubs that cover windows, you may want to trim them down to prevent hiding spots for potential burglars. Burglars can use bushes and scrubs to help hide while breaking in your windows late at night or even in the day.

Change The Locks

Depending on who you are buying from, you don’t know who has a key to your house. If your house was originally rented out, you could quite a few people who have keys to your new home. If a couple of roommates had keys to the house, then their close friends or relatives has a key just in case they were locked out. Even the owner may have keys he/she is unaware of. The best way to prevent someone “testing” their keys, is to simply replace the locks.

Watch For Traffic

Keep an eye out for foot traffic in your new neighborhood. The amount of people you have walking up and down your street can deter or invite new intruders. If you live on a street that has people walking up and down, all hours of the night, you may want to keep the doors and windows locked any time you step out of the house. This doesn’t mean zero pedestrians is a good thing either. If no one ever walks around your home, it must mean the street is empty and no one is home in the neighborhood and makes it easy to break in without getting caught.

Closing Thoughts

A new home is very exciting and can be a lot of fun moving in, but security details should be on the list of things to take care of on move in day.

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Camera Security Software & You

Camera Viewing Software 

Simply having cameras around your home or business is not the most important part of your security, the software you use to view your surveillance system is just as important. There are multiple software programs available for each system and are built for different applications and choosing the best application for you, may be difficult. How should you choose a system that best meets your application.


Man monitoring cctv cameras in modern control roomHow Often Are You Logging In?

Some surveillance software can be very powerful and some are simple and easy to run on your computer or smart device. If you have a designated machine to watch your surveillance system, you may be able to use any form of surveillance software. If you are using a personal or business computer, you may want to think about the strain the software can do on your computer. In this case, you may want to use a more simple program.

What Extras Are Included

If each individual software was the same, we would only need one software program. Each program comes with its own specific selling point that makes it unique and can maybe maximize your ability to use your surveillance system. Test playing with each optional system to see which settings, options, and accessories work best for your needs.

dvrClosing Thoughts

Having the cameras alone doesn’t mean you have a great surveillance to meet your needs. The program you watch your cameras can make all the difference. Finding an efficient and effective software can save you from stress and could even help prevent an incident.

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Simple Home Security Tips

Every home is vulnerable to an invasion at some point or another. Maybe you feel a surveillance system would be more than you really need, how can you still keep your home protected from intruders? We will list a couple of security tips to help give you peace at mind and deter home invaders.

Always Lock Up

You should always lock up the house before you leave. Home invaders have a nasty habit of watching your home and learning your life style and know how long they have while you are gone. Locking all the doors and windows makes it harder for the home invader and make them spend more time trying to get inside.

Keep The House Looking Occupied

When ever you leave your home, try to make it look as if someone is home. turn the TV on, leave a light on a room that faces the street, or even car pool. Yes, even car pooling to work is a security tip. It allows you to leave your car at home in the drive way, giving the impression you are still home.


Hide The Spare Key

Everyone needs a spare key in case we leave our key in the house or locked in our cars but simply hiding it under the door mat doesn’t cut it any more. We recommend hiding the key where only you know where it is at. One suggestion is to bury a plastic container in your flower bed or yard, where you can remember where it is at. Put the key inside and seal the lid. Cover the container with enough material that it is hidden but not hard to reach later.

Closing Thoughts

The best way to prevent a home invader, just make it hard to get inside. The more time a home invader has to spend outside your home, the bigger chance they become vulnerable of being caught by your neighbors or simply someone driving by. For more home security ideas, specific to your home, just put yourself in the burglars shoes and find week points in your own security.

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Common Security Camera Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

There are huge crimes that happen every day without anyone being able to solve them. This is because there are so many people who don’t set up their security camera systems properly. It seems like a really easy thing to do, but many business owners or home owners simply forget tiny little things that can ruin the entire point of having a security system in the first place.

468373109Another big thing that people do is simply forget to hit the record button on their DVR. If something happens and there is no proof of it, you can’t do anything about it! At the same time though, if you are recording constantly and you either run out of space, or record over an incident that happened… You’re still out of luck.There are a lot of security cameras that are simply not working at all. Many people forget to check if their cameras are working properly after a power outage, and some people just don’t check them at all and eventually they just get old and stop working. You should always check your cameras every so often to make sure that they are functioning properly.

Other common problems occur when businesses change ownership and there was already a security camera system in place, and then new owners don’t know how to make it work properly. Sometimes people just unplug them and leave them there so that it looks like you have cameras. This doesn’t always scare criminals away. You should always make sure your business is protected.

When you rent a security camera system for your business, not only is it a lot easier on your budget, but our team makes sure that all of your needs are met and everything is working perfectly. Our friendly staff will answer any and all questions, help you figure out what kinds of specific needs you have, and even show up and install everything for you. There is no better way to make sure that your entire system is working correctly than having professional installation and 24 hour customer service.

Having a security system in place is a must if you are running a business. But it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive and you don’t have to be a genius to set it up and maintain it. Rest easy and let us help you with all of your short term or long term needs.

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Security Camera Rentals For Your Next Trade Show

stk313097rknHave you considered renting a security system for your next trade show? If not then you probably should!

At any trade show, there are bound to be many expensive items at risk. is the best place to go to in order to make sure that your display equipment stays protected at all times.

When you rent from, you get everything you need to monitor any event. You can get one or more cameras, a camera recording device, all of the cables to hook everything up and even technical help if you need it. Another great thing is that a camera technician can come and set everything up for you, and even stay for the entire length of the event just in case something needs done.

With a security camera system in place at your event, you can make sure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. You can monitor all of your equipment inside and out, and even monitor traffic. All of the recorded video will be stored on a computer and can be distributed in whole or in part as you wish. You can also view everything from your smartphone or over an internet connection.

Man monitoring cctv cameras in modern control roomThe GeoVision CCTV DVR Camera Server specifically has a really great feature that is awesome for a trade show or any event. This feature actually counts objects, whether it be people or vehicles that pass through the area that it is monitoring. This can be really great for measuring traffic through a specific area or determining sales closure rates.

There are a million different reasons to have all of these features at your next event, and makes it as easy as it could possibly be to make sure that you are 100% taken care of in all aspects.

Social Media & Home Security

178089842Protecting your family, home, and yourself is usually the most important item on our lists. How can we make sure we are not leaking any harmful information? Most of us know not to pass out our credit card and and bank account numbers but what if the simplest information we post on social media sites, was causing a security risk?

Social Media Security

A lot of people and companies use social media sites, and it just keeps growing with each generation. Burglars and intruders are starting to use social media to get a peak into our homes and lifestyles to find the perfect moment to break into our homes and lives. These types of intruders follow and friend us on these sites and watch for important posts where they can learn your lifestyle, habits, and invade our homes and lives.

Most social invaders are looking for posts of when you are leaving for vacation or that your upset because you have to work a whole other shift at work. These sort of posts can expose you to a home security threat because they will know that no one is home to stop them. Your posts online don’t have to be as blunt and open as those listed before, you can have a series of photos of every Friday of you going out with friends. If those there is enough of a trend, the social intruders know the best time to strike.


google plus






Preventing Social Intrusion

How can you protect your family, home, and self and still be social online? We are going to provide a list of precautions to help prevent social intruders from making you a candidate for a home invasion.

  • Prevent posting any information that shows when you’ll be leaving or arriving home
  • Don’t post your pictures until the next day or when you arrived home
  • Don’t accept friend requests and follows by people or companies you don’t know
  • Turn all your information to private

Closing Thoughts

Your privacy may not be so private online. We may all think it is harmless to post anything we want social media sites for the entertainment of socializing with friends and family, but there are serious risks. Being smart about what you post can set you apart from those who expose themselves and allow you to prevent being a victim of a social intruder. Taking those few extra seconds to think about what is posted online and when you post it can save you from a disaster.

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Traffic Surveillance Cameras Can Help Commuters And Police Alike

487220945Have you ever been driving and stopped at a stoplight, looked around to make sure there were no cops, and gone through the red light? If you have, you may have been caught on camera. Traffic cameras are quickly becoming the norm these days because of the many traffic violations and accidents that can happen at these intersections. The cameras aren’t just limited to intersections either. They’ve been used on interstates as well to monitor traffic flow and patterns for news reports. This is why you’re able to see how late you’re going to be to work, due to the morning traffic jams. A lot can go down on the road. A lot can happen at an intersection. Security cameras are placed at these locations for a number of reasons.

The Intersection

460573437There’s a lot that can happen in just a short amount of time at an intersection. Crashes can happen. Gang violence can occur. There could be an altercation between motorists.. Hit and runs, drunk driving accidents, and more can all take place at any  intersection. This is why cameras are placed there. These cameras capture everything that can go down at an intersection. All of that recorded information can be viewed live by news feeds or online. They could also be a part of a CCTV network as well. Either one would be dependent on what the cameras are needed for. It all depends on what would be  monitored, but live or recorded, it will all be on camera.

Law Enforcement

Police officers can gain a lot of knowledge from intersection cameras. When an area, whether it be an intersection or not, is known for speeding, it could be time to install a set of cameras. These cameras can actually catch speeders and help police officers gain control of the area again. All that needs to be done is to mount a camera at a red light, and if someone speeds through, a flash will go off. At that moment the camera has captured visual evidence of the moving violation, and a ticket will be issued. This could also lead to the police monitoring that specific area more often. After enough information is gathered, police will be able to determine if the area is in need of more police attention or not. This could, in turn, help cut down on other types of criminal activity in the area.

They Help Everyone

Not only do these cameras help out the police, but they help out commuters, news officials, and the department of transportation that determines road construction. Commuters need to know how the traffic is at all times, because there is always someone on the road. The news reporters help these commuters figure out the best routes for travel, as they are the ones broadcasting the video feeds. They point out any accidents, construction, and traffic jams so that commuters can stay aware. The state departments of transportation will look at these feeds and determine traffic patterns and see which roads need to be expanded or if any other type of construction is needed to help maintain easy and safe traffic flow.

You may hate it, because we all get a bit antsy when we drive, but the cameras that we see at the intersections and on the highways are there to protect us and make things a lot safer for us. Those cameras near the red light by your house might annoy you at times, but you will be grateful to have them knowing that you can drive with a bit more peace of mind than if they weren’t there.

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Why Should You Even Get A Security Camera System?

452503979You have probably walked into many an establishment and seen yourself looking directly into a security camera without ever taking a second thought about it. It almost seems like the buildings we walk into come standard with security camera systems now. Between a home, a business office, and even the street corner, there are security cameras everywhere. What people don’t realize is that they are always placed for a reason. It’s about surveillance. That being said, there are still some businesses that don’t have them installed for whatever reason. Some business owners might be able to come up with a reason or two against why they should have it, but for every reason there is to “not” get a security camera system, there are about 5 more reasons TO get one. They are much more beneficial than some may think.


79166597This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about security cameras and their purpose. The point of any business is to make money. You are providing a service or product to customers. It’s hard to make any profit if someone is stealing your product or service from you. This is more so the case with anything physical or tangible. Customers are your biggest assets, but they can also be very detrimental to your business as their intent may be to steal from you as well. Employee theft is also a growing problem with businesses these days. Many of these issues can be avoided just by installing a security camera system. As a business owner, your job is to make sure that your products and services are being sold and profited from. A surveillance system can deter theft from customers and employees alike. It can also help with making sure everything runs smoothly.

Quality Assurance

When you’re running a business, you need to make sure that your products are just as good as the service given to your customers. It can be hard to do this if you are just one person. You can’t be everywhere at one time. This is where the surveillance system comes into play. By monitoring the employees and the “behind the scenes” areas, you can make sure that work is getting done properly and efficiently. It caters to everything from that cheeseburger you just bought from McDonald’s to car factories. As a customer purchasing something from any store, you want that product or service to be top quality. If it is, then you are more than likely to come back to that establishment to conduct business again. Therefore, as a business owner, you should want the same for your employees and customers. If you are monitoring employees to ensure that your products are being made properly and that employee customer interaction is being handled well, then those customers have more reason to come back and do business with your company again. Ergo, up goes your revenue.


468373109This is a topic of interest that you may not think about when considering a security camera system. Again, your first thought goes to theft normally, but employee and customer safety is another big reason why surveillance systems can be so beneficial. You wan your employees to know that they work in a safe place. You want your customers to feel safe whenever they are in you establishment. Simply by helping your team feel more safe in the work environment, you can help boost morale which could in turn help quality assurance rise. Your customers will be more willing to go back to your establishment to do business if they feel that they are safe. To know that there is a surveillance system in place helps customers and employees alike feel safe that in the event something should happen, it will be captured on camera. That and the fact that thieves and vandals alike will be deterred by the fact that they would be caught on camera.

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There may be a few reasons here or there that you may be trying to convince yourself with in order to keep you from installing a surveillance system. There are countless homes and businesses that have security cameras in place, and they all have very good reasons for it. Remember, that for ever 1 reason you may have to keep you from a surveillance system, there are 5 more that give you every reason to get one!


Security Checklist

468373109Story Of The Day

If your moving or even just thinking about upgrading your security system, you may want to consider this security checklist to make sure your home is secure.

Outside Perimeter

The first thing you want to check is your outside perimeter of your property. This is the first line of defense for your home and the first touch point for a burglar or intruder. There are a few things you can have to make sure your home is protected.

  • Home Security Signs
  • Fence
  • Motion Triggered Lights
  • Outdoor Security Cameras

Many of these things can prevent an intrusion to your home. Intruders will avoid homes with the above list.

Indoor Security

Even if your outside perimeter is high in security, some intruders can still make their way in your home, so you need to secure the inside of your home. Here is a list of safety precautions to help you get started:

  • Cover windows with drapes and curtains
  • Door and window alarm systems
  •  Strategically place high value items
  • indoor security

This added security can allow you to report to the authorities and be able to identify what was taken from you.

Closing Thoughts

Home security should be a priority for any home owner. Taking the proper precautions to help prevent an intrusion and can save you from a horrible accident. A thorough evaluation of your home’s security can be important for yourself, home, family and belongings.

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Cruise Ships Are A Great Vacation Spot, As Well As A Great Surveillance Spot!

177442403Isn’t time that you took a vacation? There are plenty of different getaway spots out there. You have the typical Cancun, Panama City, and anywhere in Florida type vacations, but what about something a bit more luxurious. What about a cruise ship? These gigantic floating cities are exactly that; floating cities. Expect ticket prices for these types of vacations to be a bit expensive as they are considered to be so “fancy”. These vacation spots can be a bit dangerous though. No, I’m not talking about the “lookout! an iceberg!” type of dangerous. I mean, these are big ships and need to be monitored accordingly. There are many areas to cover and a lot to look out for, so what can you use aside from standard security guards?

The answer is simple; A security camera system.

It’s A Big Ship

If you’ve ever seen a cruise ship, then you know one thing; they are HUGE. There are plenty of areas and small spaces on the cruise ships that could easily have bad things happen. Since this is the case, it’s best to have as many areas monitored as possible. Unfortunately, there are only so many security guards that can be in so many places at the same time. The best way to take care of the unmonitored zones is through the use of security cameras. There are literally, so many rooms that need to be monitored constantly. Places like the casinos, the gyms, the pool deck, and more need to have a constant stream of surveillance back to security. This way, should something detrimental happen, security personnel can respond accordingly.


When you install a security camera system, your goal is to make your customers and personnel feel more secure. The cruise ship company is liable for all of the passengers on the ship. Whether they be passengers or workers, the company is still responsible for those people. When a security camera system is in place, you are cutting down on the crime rate. End of story. No matter if it be a cruise ship, a factory, a farm or whatever. A surveillance system is going to cut down on the crime rate by quite a bit. Vandals will be much less likely to commit a crime if they know that they’re being monitored. The cruise ship could be liable for accidents and missing person on the ship as well. By having the security footage monitored and recorded, there will be visual evidence showing that the ship is liable or not. Has Security Cameras And Installers Nationwide Contact Us Today At 800-736-8772


Camera security systems are very beneficial, but they’re not fool proof. They can be tampered with if not set up properly or placed in secure locations. Vandals can easily mess with, or even break cameras. Then there is the matter of privacy on the ship. It’s completely reasonable to place the security cameras in places such as the main deck, restaurants, and casinos. Placing them inside the cabins or the bathrooms however would be an invasion of the passengers privacy. Also, if the cameras are wireless an power gets interrupted some how, then the camera feeds could become corrupted.

Everyone wants to take a vacation and feel like everything is okay while they’re enjoying themselves. A cruise ship is a big place where are lot of fun can be had, but at the same time have things go wrong. When you’re out on the water, it’s a bit more difficult to get police out to the middle of the ocean. Keep everyone feeling safe on your next cruise ship vacation and keep the crime under control by installing a security camera system today.