Gas Station Clerk Robbed & Threatened To Be Set On Fire

gas stationA local Florida gas station was robbed, not at gun point but with lighter fluid. A man barges into the gas station and dousing the clerk in lighter fluid and threatening to set him on fire if he doesn’t give him money. Luckily the clerk was not hurt and the whole event was caught on surveillance video.


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You Never Know What You’ll See


Surveillance cameras can be use secure your home or office building. Surveillance cameras are typically watched to catch thieves or kids marking graffiti but some times you just catch some interesting people. A police station has released video of a woman throwing pork products to the customer desk in their station. Though it is not reported as to why this woman decided to through pork at the officers, it  does go to show that you never know what will happen.

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92-Year-Old Wisconsin Man Crashes Into 9 Cars

parking lotA 92-year-old man was trying to back out of a parking spot when all of a sudden things go down hill. As the man was trying to turn to move forward his car suddenly takes off straight into a pile of parked cars. The man under stress and panicking tried to run away. Police are saying that he may not face criminal charges but his license is under review.


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Pantie Snatchers Caught On Camera


St. Petersburg Florida police have released surveillance video of a group of men stealing thousand of dollars of women’s lingerie from Victoria Secret. Police are asking for help in identifying these suspects because they have been linked to other similar crimes in other retail stores. Police officials believe this is a well organized group of people who use distracters and lookouts to help with their heists…..for underwear. For any tips, please call St. Petersburg Police at 727-893-7780.


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Caught On Camera: Tow Truck Steals From Car Lot

tow truckRecently caught on surveillance video, a tow truck pulls up to a local car lot in Phoenix AZ. A tow truck is caught on surveillance video, casually pulling up to 101 Auto Outlet and driving off with it as if it were being towed. The unfortunate part of this story is a customer was pre-approved for the stolen vehicle. Police are still looking for the tow truck and the missing car.

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Caught On Camera: Woman Injects Feces Into Son’s IV

A West Virgina woman was charged with two counts of felonious assault and two counts of endangering children when she was caught injecting a mixture of urine and feces into her sick son’s IV. Candida Fluty and her son drove 190 miles to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for specialized care for her son. Her son has been diagnosed with Hertzsprung disease which affects the large intestine to prevent its bodily functions.

Fluty is in court today and images from two surveillance cameras were released as evidence proving Fluty injecting her son with feces. The video has not been released yet but below are pictures from that surveillance video. – Jackson, MS
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Oklahoma Chainsaw Massacre


Robert Pierce was caught on surveillance video swinging a chainsaw at a Shell gas station demanding money. After the victims drove away in their car, Pierce went down the street and banged in someone’s back door telling them to call the cops. Pierce told Bill England that someone was attacking him with a chainsaw and he needed to call the police. When police arrived, they found his story to be backwards. Pierce admitted he like to smoke k-2 (a legal, smokable herbal mixture) but was not high at the time. – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |
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Wild Shootout Video Released

jewelry shootingOver a year after the robbery, surveillance video is released of the shootout that happened in an Arizona Jewelry store. A 28 year old woman walks into the store pretending to be a customer but comes back in a sweater and hat demanding money. When the store owner refuses to give her anything, she shoots him in the leg. The store owner throws her some money and as she is distracted and picking up the money, the store owner starts shooting back.

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Trailer Thief Fails To Cover Camera

trailer thiefSurveillance video was released when a trailer was missing from Goodard Construction in Tennessee. Two men are seen in the video with a dark colored Dodge Ram 1500. As one of the thieves tries to cover the camera with his hat, he looks directly at the camera and exposes his face. Luckily these are great cameras and positioned right above a lamp, allowing us to see the suspect’s face clear as day. Mt. Juliet Police are asking locals to help identify the suspect and to call 615-754-2550 with any information.

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Elusive Purse Snatchers Caught On Camera….Again!

An elusive group of women have been caught on surveillance tape distracting a store owner to steal a purse. A group of five women have pulled the same act twice in their area to steal a purse from either the store owner or an employee. These five women come in and try to confuse and rush the person at the counter then rush to a bathroom saying it is an emergency. While the person at the counter is still trying to handle the other four women, the one goes to the back to steal something of value and stuff it in a large bag.

Surveillance video has been revealed of two locations these women have attempted their well oiled operation. In the latest video, the woman stealing the purse was caught wearing rubber gloves. These women know what they are doing and do it well, except they forget about the surveillance cameras. Police have another video from a shop across the street that shows the car they drove off in. The surveillance video can be viewed by clicking the captured video below.

5 girls










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